weex - A framework for building Mobile cross-platform UI Weex a framework for building mobile cross-platform uis. different from a "web app", "html5 app", or "hybrid app", you can use weex to build a real mobile app. the code that you write is relatively simple,

weex framework.js uninitialized

weex can't be initialized

No implementation found for int com.taobao.weex.bridge.WXBridge.initFramework(java.lang.String, com.taobao.weex.bridge.WXParams) (tried Java_com_taobao_weex_bridge_WXBridge_initFramework and Java_com_taobao_weex_bridge_WXBridge_initFramework__Ljava_lang_String_2Lcom_taobao_weex_bridge_WXParams_2) [WXBridgeManager] invokeInitFramework java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: No implementation found for int com.taobao.weex.bridge.WXBridge.initFramework(java.lang.String, com.taobao.weex.bridge.WXParams) (tried Java_com_taobao_weex_bridge_WXBridge_initFramework and Java_com_taobao_weex_bridge_WXBridge_initFramework__Ljava_lang_String_2Lcom_taobao_weex_bridge_WXParams_2) at com.taobao.weex.bridge.WXBridge.initFramework(Native Method) at com.taobao.weex.bridge.WXBridgeManager.initFramework(WXBridgeManager.java:1077) at com.taobao.weex.bridge.WXBridgeManager.invokeCreateInstance(WXBridgeManager.java:890) at com.taobao.weex.bridge.WXBridgeManager.access$200(WXBridgeManager.java:278) at com.taobao.weex.bridge.WXBridgeManager$4.run(WXBridgeManager.java:874) at com.taobao.weex.common.WXThread$SafeRunnable.run(WXThread.java:234) at android.os.Handler.handleCallback(Handler.java:751) at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(Handler.java:95) at android.os.Looper.loop(Looper.java:154) at android.os.HandlerThread.run(HandlerThread.java:61) 03-21 18:13:24.478 26647-26668/com.xiaohongchun.redlips E/weex: [WXBridgeManager] invokeCreateInstance: framework.js uninitialized.

weex version is 0.10.0, the demo can run normally, but when I put it in my project, it has this problem, I do follow the weex api. I don't know how to solve it

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Weex keep app running in background

I want to make an alarm app using weex. However I guess I will need a service that will run in the background.

How can I do it using weex? Is there something ready for this like a plugin or so?

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Where's the `restart` method in weex's Andriod SDK?

I'm using weex in my project.At some times I need to reinit the weex environment , and I can call [WXSDKEngine restart] to achieve this easily in iOS.
I still have to do the same in Andriod, but I can't find a similar method in Andriod weex SDK. The methods I have tried are listed as below:


None of them works as I expected.
Does weex Andriod SDK have a method like iOS's [WXSDKEngine restart]?

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The scroll event of the weex scroller control conflicts with the touch event of the child control

weex开发,采用vue编写。 scroller控件下,嵌套了多个div子控件,在div中添加了touchstart touchend touchcancel 事件处理按下和弹起的效果,但会导致scroller的拖动事件无效。请问大家应该怎么解决。

english: Weex development, written using vue. Scroller control, nested a number of div child controls, in the div added touchstart touchend touchcancel The event handles the press and eject effects, but causes the scroller drag event to be invalid. I would like to ask you how to solve?.

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weex module weed-components use error

We use weex install project.import weed-components module. How to import weed-components?

enter image description here

Current error message:

enter image description here

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Convert JSBundle to Virtual-Dom on weex jsFramework

weex development general process: The front-end engineers wrote the business code through vue 2.0 and packaged it in webpack to deploy the packaged bundle on the server. The Android client gets the bundle by request, then compiles it through the built-in JSFramework and compiles the JSBundle into a Virtual-Dom.

doubt: Is it possible to deploy the Virtual-Dom compiled with JSFramework directly on the server and dynamically render the Native page? How to achieve?

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How can i integrate QR-reader in Weex App?

React.Native has plugins like react-native-qrcode-scanner. How can I do that on Weex?

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How to use weex touch gesture?

It has functionality, but need to optimize.How to optimize performance to make it become fluent?How to use expression binding?

enter image description here

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Range slider component

I am building a native mobile app using Weex and am looking for a range slider component, on the lines of vue-slider-component or a multiselect version of input type = range. I have not been able to find anything yet. Any pointers on this, given the conventional input type = range is not supported by weex.


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WXComponentManager.m line 183 rootNodeGetChild lead to crash

this version of weexSDK is 0.10.3

["-[__NSCFArray objectAtIndex:]: index (3) beyond bounds (3)", "(null)",]

WXComponentManager.m line 183 lead to crash. Sometimes the function of rootNodeGetChild can cause a crash. for example: when page a goto page b and page b back to page a, repeat and rep it's not will cause a crash every times,but sometimes.

this version of weexSDK is 0.10.3 Is anyone can tell me any ideas or advances to help me to solve this problem? thank you.

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I can't transform weex component.we to the js file

I find that when i try to convert the .we file which has external component to .js file will fail.

My .we file is like this:

    <richText tel="12305" style="width:200;height:100">12305</text>

the richText is a external component.

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Weex handles string object differently from Node.js

I got a script compiled from ClojureScript with contains mainly (pr-str {})https://gist.github.com/jiyinyiyong/b393091830f6722c40d5c632f828b373

As I run the js file with node main.js, it prints LOOKING {}. But when I load the file in Weex, it's [object Object]. So what happened in Weex's V8 engine?

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How to change imageview height dynamically after network image loaded rather then fix image height?

  <image style="width: 280px;height: 280px;margin-left:250px;margin-top:100px" :src="picPath"></image>

In above foo.vue, it specified the image width and height, but in some cases, we need to change image width and height after image loaded into imageview. My question is, in order for that, what should i do from foo.vue to native android/ios? Thanks in advance.

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self-defined wxcompent in weex whereas empty view

MyTabMenu extends WXCompent and has been registered in the application,

public class MyTabMenu extends WXComponent<View> {

    public MyTabMenu(WXSDKInstance instance, WXDomObject dom, WXVContainer parent) {
        super(instance, dom, parent);

    protected View initComponentHostView(@NonNull Context context) {
        View rootView = LayoutInflater.from(context).inflate(R.layout.myview_layout,null);
        return rootView;

    @WXComponentProp(name = "msg")
    public void setMsg(String msg){

but the result page is empty

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