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What technology is behind Web App X? [closed]

Is there some app/blog/site on the net that describes what technology is behind each Web Application? I would love to read about which wonderful technology that is powering the big WebApps like Reddit, Digg, Facebook, Stackexchange and so on.

Something similar to this for DuckDuckGo

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Where can I store my private bookmarks online? [closed]

I want to store my bookmarks online, but I am not interested in sharing them with other people. I used to use myhq.com, but the interface is too clunky.

These days, bkmks.com fits almost all my needs:

  • fast & simple (can add new links with a bookmarklet; no unneeded graphics)
  • can organize links by drag and drop

However, I have a few complaints:

  • I'd like to remove the search box. It grabs the focus and prevents me from searching the page text with the '/' key in Opera
  • Deleting (multiple) links is difficult (I had to make a hack to delete more than one link at a time)
  • I'd like to separate groups of links on different tabs/pages so they don't all have to be loaded

Can anyone recommend a better service for organizing your private bookmarks online?

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What web applications are available for mindmapping? [closed]

Relevant additional information would be features, offline usage, mobile integration and pricing.

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What apps are there for questionnaires? [closed]

I know Google docs has forms where I can create basic questionnaires, but I really need a site that lets me have more control over the layout of the questions. So what other web apps are there for creating forms that allow embedding images with the questions?

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Is there a twitter-like app that can be installed for a corporate intranet? [closed]

I think that the twitter model of communication would work very well for disseminating information and informal discussion in the corporate world. Is there a twitter-like web-app that can be installed at the corporate level to provide this?

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Bugmenot (registration bypasser) alternative that doesn’t suck? [closed]

I used to love Bugmenot...but then they started blocking more and more sites. Now I'd say a good 75% of the time I try to find logins on bugmenot, the site is blocked. Is there a service like bugmenot that doesn't block sites?

For example, all of these sites require registration to download files posted by users, and all of them are blocked from BugMeNot. dcemu.co.uk, ubuntuforums.org, club.cdfreaks.com

To be clear, this problem is because BugMeNot stops users from adding logins for them, not because of the individual sites themselves are blocking logins from bugmenot.

I know of things like mailinator, but the whole point of BugMeNot is so I don't have to go through the hassle of registering and setting up an account with fake details just to download that one useful piece of information from a site I never plan to visit again.

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Are there other web alternatives of Google Reader? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

I assume probably most of you use Google Reader for following and reading RSS or Atom feeds. My question is are there any web alternatives that some of you have used and are happy with?

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Online project management services [closed]

I need a user-friendly and cleverly designed web service to manage my projects and tasks. No matter if it's a free or paid service. Having a comment system and some game mechanics would be a big plus.

1 service per answer please (to be able to see which one receives most votes).

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Is there a good equivalent to Mint.com for users outside the USA? [closed]

I'd love to use Mint.com but it's not available in the UK. Any idea when it might be available in the UK, or are there any recommended UK equivalents?

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Is there a webapp to create ASCII art tables? [closed]

Is there a webapp that can create ASCII-art tables like this one? It doesn't have to use ASCII (it can be Unicode), I meant ASCII in the sense of ASCII-art.

|           | ColA            | ColB           |
| Row1      | CellA1          | CellB1         |
| Row2      | CellA2          | CellB2         |
| Row3      | CellA3          | CellB3         |

This would be useful for sites that don't support proper tables (like StackExchange).

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Are there any good Pandora alternatives with general availability outside the US? [closed]

Unfortunately for us Europeans (and all the other non-US) based people, services like Pandora aren't available.

So is there a good alternative to Pandora, where you can listen to streaming music?

Preferably free and not restricted to certain countries. Spotify for instance would be awesome, but it is only available in a couple of countries. Last.fm isn't free and YouTube has to take the music from certain videos or doesn't even show them.

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Alternatives for Google Reader (with Android synchronizing) [closed]

Now that Google Reader is being retired, what are my options for consuming RSS feeds on the web and synchronizing with my Android device? Social media sharing is not as important to me as being able to keep up with many disparate sites/feeds in a single place and for the data to be stored in the cloud.

I'm aware of other very similar questions here, but they are old and most of the suggested alternatives have already themselves been shut down.

It should go without saying that services that solely interface with Google Reader are not a viable option (unless they have a plan for viability after Reader gets shut down).

(And, while I don't use one, it would be great if the proposed solution was usable on iOS devices, too.)

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How can I send a fax online? [closed]

I am currently using a DSL connection and there are no dial up connections that I can use to easily switch my computer to a fax machine.

Is there a good online service that can send a fax (PDF format to fax preferably) for me ( to/from any international place, in specific I want to be able to send a fax from Trinidad and Tobago to Canada and vice versa later on) ? I also want a cover page to be added and confirmation , is this possible ?

I tried faxzero.com, really annoying and takes forever.

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Online regex preview tool [closed]

Is there any good regex webapps out there?

I'd like to be able to set which type of regex syntax is used, enter some text and a regex and get matches highlighted. Preferably with different colors so it's easy to detect what in the regex is causing the match.

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Is there a service for changing all my profile pictures at the same time? [closed]

I have three main profile pictures: Facebook, Google and Gravatar. Is there any way to update all of them at the same time?

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