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Can I host my own instance of Trello?

I like using Trello, but my company might block the site at any time so I am uncomfortable really depending on it. Is there anyway to buy a version to host within my company?

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Labelling Several Cards in Trello

Is it possible to add label colours to several cards at once? Perhaps some kind of select all option?

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Can I browse all the public Trello boards available?

Is there a way to browse public boards on Trello?

I would be interested in how other users set up their boards and what they use it for.

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How to undo card archive on Trello?

I accidentally hit c with a card selected and archived the card. I tried to undo the archive but couldn't find the option. I tried moving the card back to the list but that didn't seem to work.

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Once a due date passes and the card is done, how do I keep the card and lose the red due date alert?

I have a card with a due date of today. The task is complete, and we've moved it to our "Done" list.

How can I update the card so that the due date icon is not red implying that it is late while retaining the date for historical reference?

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Is it possible to export my data from Trello, to back it up?

Is there a way to export my data from Trello to my own computer?

I'm happy to accept any file format, so long as the data is in a file-format that can be parsed, e.g. I'm comfortable with writing a script to extract the data.

(I always try, with any online data I create, to find a way to export a copy of the data, and I have a Sunday evening routine of doing data dumps, then local backups.)

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Merge cards in Trello?

In capturing requirements from a user, I recorded information on two cards for a requested report, and then realized that the user (just due to a lack of technical knowledge, which the user shouldn't have to have) requested separate reports for something that was far easier to process in one report.

Now that I have two cards and have information recorded in each card, I'd like to merge the data from the (essentially duplicated) card onto the other. Is there any way to do this?

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Recurring cards on a monthly basis in Trello

Is there a way to create recurring cards/tasks in Trello? This is the only thing that's preventing our organization from using Trello vs. Producteev.

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Move Trello boards between organizations

I'd like to move a board to a different organization, but it appears that the organization can't be changed once set.

Is it at all possible to move boards around like this?

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Add a Hyperlink to a Trello card

I have recently been exploring the new web application Trello and I want to add hyperlinks to a card.

Is this possible?

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Can a card in Trello display a table?

The markdown syntax says that you can use regular HTML and specifically mentions <table> as being possible. The only restrictions being that you have blank lines before and after the table, and that the <table> and </table> tags are not indented.

But this doesn't appear to work in Trello.

Is this just not supported, or is there a way to do this that I'm missing?

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Is it possible to add story points and velocity tracking to Trello?

I really like what Trello can do if only it could also have story points and trajectory for projects. Is there any way of doing that?

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How do I move a list to another board in Trello?

I can easily drag cards between lists, and I can also rearrange the lists in a board but I am not seeing a way to move a list to another board?

Is this possible?

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How do I delete a board in Trello?

Is it possible to delete a board in Trello? I see how to pin or unpin it, or add it to an organization. Best I can come up with is remove everyone else from it and set it to member visibility. Guess I could create a dummy user to assign deleted boards too.

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Is Trello going to a pay model?

I'm loving Trello. I love the simplicity of it and how easy it is to build projects in it. I'm creating boards like crazy but I need to know that I'm not setting myself up for a heartache in the next few weeks/months when trello converts over to a pay model, I can't afford. Is trello converting to a pay model? I don't see anywhere that it costs anything. It's amazing and I want to keep using it.

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