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Computer wakes up from hibernation at exctly 3:40am every day

I'm getting tired of waking up to my computer being turned on, and event log shows that it's waking up everyday at 3:40am and most times won't go back to sleep after the determined 30 minutes (maybe from being in the lock screen?). There are no devices armed for wake, activation timers are disabled and all wake options disabled in the BIOS and energy star 4.0c is enabled (was disabled before but no difference).

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Start a numbered list by keyboard shortcut in an Outlook 2010 Task

I am able to go select via mouse the "Start Numbered List" button. I know there's the keyboard shortcut for a Bullet List which is Ctrl+Shift+L.

But I can't find a keyboard shortcut for the numbered list.

Any ideas?

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msfeedssync.exe what does it do?

I had a program msfeedssync.exe as a scheduled task on my machine.

Wondering what is this for and how did it get scheduled on my Windows 7 machine?

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Time logging tool

I'm looking for an application that can help me account for my work hours.

features that i'm looking for:

  1. (essential) regular short term reminders/notifications to ensure that I'm recording time for the correct task.
  2. easy task creation, just type a description and start recording. (rather than selecting from a list of previously created tasks)
  3. easy correction of times recorded (move a start time back and the previous task's end time gets adjusted.)
  4. good reporting or timesheet generation.
  5. free / open-source so that I don't have to get approval from my employer.
  6. (optional) it would be nice if it was portable.

Apps that i've looked at:

timepanic (www.timepanic.com): 1 2 3 4 x x
ptimer (http://www.sprinx.com/ptimer/) : 1 x x ? 5 x
ptm (http://ptm.sourceforge.net/): 1 x x 4 5 6
Grindstone 2 (http://www.epiforge.com/Grindstone2/): 1 2 x 4 5 ?

I’m hoping for a few more suggestions.
If timepanic was free it would be the front runner.
What other apps meet the requirements?

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Share Outlook Tasks on 2 computers without Exchange Server

I use Outlook to manage my tasks. The tasks are stored locally in a .pst file. I would like to be able to sync my tasks across my two computers but I don't have access to an Exchange server.

Is there anyway I can sync the tasks between the two computers? I don't need mail, calendar or notes features.

I'm using Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 on both PCs.

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How do I get a .bat file to run in Task Scheduler at PC Startup?

Alright so I have been reading through the various answers on Super User for this question and no one has seemed to actually post a way of running a .bat file in Task Scheduler at PC startup. I would like to do this...

I tried having Task Scheduler start cmd.exe at PC startup with the arguments being the directory of the .bat file but it just does not work. Even if it says it does run the .bat the .bat's commands don't execute... How do I get it so it can run in Task Scheduler without this issue?

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Bulk add tasks to Outlook?

Is there a way to bulk-add a list of tasks to Outlook?

If I have a list like the following, can it be used (e.g. copy/pasted) to create a task per line?

Task 1
Task 2
Task 3

And get the following (in any order):

enter image description here

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Task hierarchy in Microsoft Outlook

Is there any way (possibly through external add-ins) to organize tasks in hierarchy (with tasks and subtasks) in Microsoft Outlook? What I need is something similar to this SharePoint Web Part.

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Can I send myself a task summary mail using Outlook every morning?

I use the 'Followup' and 'Task' feature of Outlook in order to track which items need additional work.

I would like an email report to be generated every morning to highlight tasks that are overdue, tasks that are due that day, and all pending tasks after that.

Any idea how I could accomplish this?

Since I put up a bounty, I am looking for a working solution. A nice to have would be the ability to customize the report that is sent to my email.

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Sleep Computer when Windows Backup completes?

My laptop is set to run weekly backups, but unfortunately it often takes many hours to backup the small drive (for whatever reason). I like to leave it running at night-time while I'm not using it, but then I don't want it running all night once the backup is finished.

I was hoping there is some convenient way to automatically sleep (or even shutdown) the computer when the active Windows Backup operation completes. I've noticed that Task Scheduler can be configured with a task based on a custom event-log trigger. Perhaps this is the way to go? If so, I would appreciate if someone could tell me how to set the task to look for the appropriate event in the relevant event log. Other suggestions are welcome too.

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Switching to open folders on a Mac

How do I easily switch to an open folder on a Mac?

In Windows, which I'm used to using, I can see all my opened folders in my vertical taskbar, all I need to do to switch to another window is click on the folder in the task bar.

There's no taskbar on a Mac, and when I have a lot of folders opened, ie. lots of Finder windows, how can I switch between them?

The way I'm doing it is, I put expose on an active corner and switch that way. However that's still damn hard, because first I have to bring up expose, and then find my window. The folders are placed in a random position between opened apps, the folders are not in a list, and on a big screen I have to scan the whole screen in order to find the one I want... etc.

Is it really this hard just to switch to a different folder on a Mac?

Is there a taskbar solution on a Mac?

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How to keep a remote task running after running it in an SSH console? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates:
How to keep program running after ssh disconnection.
How can I use ssh to run a command on a remote Unix machine and exit before the command completes?

I am running a mongo server on a production machine. I access it via an ssh console. If I run the mongo server, it runs in the foreground. If I close the SSH window on my client, the mongo process dies on the server.

Even if I run it as "mongod &" in the background, it still dies if the connection is lost.

How do I run this daemon correctly so that it does not depend on an active SSH session?

edit: using ubuntu 10 console as the server

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Finding all not responding tasks from the command line in Mac OS X?

I know I can do ps -aux | xargs kill etc but I want to list the PIDs of all tasks that are not responding (the red ones in Activity Monitor). What command I can execute in the terminal to list these red, non-responding tasks and auto terminate them.

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Why does Outlook 2010 show duplicate Tasks in the To-Do list?

I am running Outlook 2010 (64bit). Every task in my To-Do list is duplicated. If I 'complete' one task, the second copy also marks as complete. If I flag an email to be added to the task list, 2 copies are listed.

I only have a single email profile configured on the laptop. I have tried adding an addition email profile, and that seemed to resolve the problem, but only until I closed Outlook and relaunched.

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Outlook 2010 Tasks Percentage complete column

Is it possible to have the percentage complete column show as progress bars or even as a little Gantt chart?

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