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Post from Facebook Games not showing on my feed

I have my wife as a friend on Facebook, She sends me game requests on Facebook but I do not receive them at all. We both have checked our settings thoroughly. All the other Friends and Family of ours' are receiving the Game Requests. I am able to see her other activities - it's just the Game requests of a particular game that never show up. I have contacted Zynga and they said that it must be a FB problem.

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Trello Pre-define a check list

In Trello Can you pre-define a check list automatically?

We could use this to check off Product order and provision stages.

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Update Twitter with Facebook status

What is the best way to update Twitter with my Facebook status?

I've tried using the Facebook status RSS feed with Twitterfeed, but Facebook doesn't seem to have RSS feeds for your own status updates anymore. Is there any other way?

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Set a specific status update for users to post to Facebook

I want to set up a button on my website where I can define a status update for the user who clicks the button?

e.g.: The user clicks the button/link and a popup shows up with my suggested status update. The user just has to agree to post the update, but can also change or edit the text presented to them.

I've seen this for Twitter posts and I'm guessing this is possible for Facebook too.

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Hide the persons, friends likes received on my photo, status, etc

Is there a way to hide/block to my friends/public the guys/girls/etc. Who liked my photo, status but the content to remain and not to be blocked?

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How to wipe out everything from your Facebook wall?

Is there a method that actually works?

I tried some iMacros scripting, but that didn't go very well... I couldn't make a script good enough to do the job... Also, I imagine it would take ages to delete everything this way even if I made a good enough script...

any other way someone knows


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Mobile Status Update Not Visible to Everyone on Facebook

My FB privacy setting allows everyone to see my status update. This works perfectly when I update my FB status using a computer. However, when the update is done via mobile device, it is only visible to my FB friends, not to everyone as originally intended.

When I logon to FB via a computer, I can see there is a padlock icon after my mobile update. The icon is not there when I update the status via the computer.

How can I fix this?

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How can I upload my animated GIFs to Facebook (in 2015) [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

According to this Mashable article, Facebook only recently started supporting GIF support.

From the article, here's how it works: "you need to paste a GIF file link into the "status update" screen"

Also "make sure you're using the full GIF url from Giphy or other GIF services".

So, all this is all right for the situations in which you want to share a GIF that's already hosted on a GIF hosting website such as GIPHY, Imgur, GFYcat and others: you copy the link, and paste it, and voilĂ .

But if you're the original author of the GIF and want to share something not hosted? "No GIF uploads" says the article.

So I hosted my test GIF file on my own website at this address: http://fabulousrice.com/images/uploads/works/hairy.gif

Then pasted the address in the "Status Update" field, and clicked "Post".

The result didn't work, in the way that not only the GIF turned into a still image on my Facebook Feed, but the GIF file also couldn't even be played from Facebook, only after being redirected to the the original URL:

enter image description here

(this is just a screenshot, but wasn't animated IRL)

Note how there isn't even a "GIF" button in the middle to play it, such as the one seen here on the Mashable article:

enter image description here

I tried with another URL that ends also in GIF, but from GIPHY this time: http://i.giphy.com/3o6UBpHgaXFDNAuttm.gif

And this time it worked!

enter image description here

(this is just a screenshot but was animated IRL).

In both of my examples, I used the same approach by pasting a GIF file's URL to the Status Update box on Facebook. But only one of them worked.

What makes the two URLs ending in .GIF different in the eyes of Facebook?

And how can I upload my work to Facebook as animated GIFs that play within the Feed, if I don't feel like uploading my GIFs to GIPHY, or Imgurl, or any other of these websites?

I have seen other questions on that subject here, but they were from 2010-2011, and I believe that they are now obsolete.

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How do I remove the little football icon that's appeared on Facebook?

On logging on to Facebook today I noticed this icon on the right of the "What's on you mind?" box:

enter image description here

clicking it shows this:

enter image description here

as (apparently) there is a football (soccer for those of you on the left side of the pond) match on today.

Now as I'm not that interested in football I can (and did) click the "x" to get rid of the second box, but how can I get rid of the football icon altogether?

I know I can wait until the match is over (as the icon disappears when it does), but there are going to be other matches and other sports and I'd rather not have this popping into and out of my status update box at apparently random intervals.

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Remove bot status from AIM account

I made my AOL Instant Messenger account as a bot a very long time ago but now I can't initiate conversations with other people. AIM gives me the following message when I attempt to initiate a conversation:

This screen name is registered as an open bot and cannot start an IM conversation. To remove it's bot status, click here: http://developer.aim.com/bot.jsp Unable to send message: Refused by client (Bot accounts cannot initiate IMs)

I follow the link and sign in but apparently only registered commercial partners are allowed to access the developer section. Can I still remove the bot status from my AIM account?

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Is there a way to hide status updates from a friend on Facebook? (Boss Mode)

I have friends on Facebook that I like to see their status updates, but I don't necessarily want them to see my status updates. People like my boss, or my mum.

Is there any way I can still be friends with them, but just block them from seeing my status?

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Facebook notifications from friends not in any lists

I've started getting notifications, just this week, from some of my friends when they update a status on Facebook. Everywhere I look, people say "these are your close friends, turn off the notifications on that list", but my close friends list is empty.

I turned the notifications off anyway, and it continues to spam me. I have also deselected notifications for all other updates under the notifications options.

It is driving me crazy! How can I get it to stop?

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Get the links to the status updates on Facebook and Twitter?

I want to give a link to a status update of me to others. Is there any way to get that link to each status update on Facebook and Twitter?

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Only status updates on the feed in Facebook

Is there a way to only see status updates on the Facebook feed? There was a feature in the previous versions of Facebook, but I think they have taken it out. Is there any workaround? Or any app that does that?

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Can a tagged but only-allowed friend's friends see the status where he is tagged?

If I (1) post a Facebook status; (2) tag one friend in the status; (3) and customise the privacy settings of the status so that only this one friend is allowed to see it, will this friend's friends see my status as a post on this friend's timeline because I have tagged this friend?

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