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Autoconnecting Bluetooth Devices

Is there a way to set the Bluetooth in Ubuntu to autoconnect to devices it is paired to when it is turned on. Furthermore, is there a way to automatically change the sound output to a Bluetooth headset on connection?

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VLC player mutes when seeking

In my Ubuntu 14.10, I have VLC 2.2.0 installed. I encounter this annoying problem that VLC mutes when I seek forward or backward through a video. I have to do few seeks backward and forward again to get the sound back. This happens almost all the time when I seek using keyboard or mouse. Is this a bug of VLC? or is this something else that I can fix?

Thank you.

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Skype shows "Virtual device" for Microphone, speakers and ringing

I have Ubuntu 14.04.1 and Skype my audio devices are working fine but when I make Skype calls I can't hear the other person neither they can hear me.

when I checked Skype audio settings it showed virtual device as the only option for all devices.

I tried a lot of proposed solutions on the web and nothing helped.

what could be the problem and how can I fix it?
I know there is not a lot of details in the question to help, what extra details do I need to provide ?

Thank you so much.

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How can the login greeter drums be turned off in Ubuntu 15.10?

I want to disable the startup sound effects that play when the login greeter appears after booting Ubuntu 15.10. How can this be done?

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Can I downmix stereo audio to mono?

I have one speaker next to my computer which I use mostly as a headphone amplifier. On occasion I need to use it as a loudspeaker. Is it possible to quickly change the audio output from stereo to mono, either system-wide or as a plugin for a media player?

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adjust max possible volume in pulseaudio

Somtimes some sound/movie/music on my Ubuntu_12.04 system is at a very low volume by itself. Henceforth I increase the volume of the sound output. I can use the following setting (see screenshot) enter image description here

It seems therefore that pulseaudio is able to increase the volume beyond the maximum that appears possible by merely using the "increase-volume" buttons of the machine. My questions is how I can adjust Pulseaudio to allow a greater range or a higher max volume increasing???

Especially with some audio material that is at a very low volume to start with it would be nice to be able to swiftly increase the output volume (powerup) to a higher setting than maybe necessary to other -already quite loud- material.

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Are there still plans for a new sound theme?

Let me quote from Mark's blog almost one year ago:

March 5th, 2010 at 7:19 pm
Mark, will there be an update to the sound theme to match the updated visual brand?

Mark Shuttleworth: Gack, I completely forgot about that. A very good point. Would you see if you can rally a round of community submissions for a sound theme inspired by light?

Let's keep it short and sweet: What are the current considerations for the Ubuntu default sound theme?

Update, October 5 2011

This question was "answered" before the release of Natty. However, it proved to be wrong in the mean time. So the legacy continues, and I am reopening this one.

Update, February 15, 2012

Something is rolling! Looks like there will be a new sound for 12.04. Only a start-up sound however, no complete theme.


Update, April 30, 2012

It seemed to look good, but for some reason the sound did not make it into 12.04. There have been no announcements as to why, however. The sound theme remains a mistery...

Update, May 2, 2012

Mark Shuttleworth made a statement on IRC recently saying that it simply "was not perfect yet." It will maybe be in 12.10 then.

Update, December 6, 2012

Not in 12.10, either. But - there's still hope for 13.04!

As of the last update, the bug report for getting a new sound theme has been marked as Confirmed (but not In Progress) with the last comment posted October 31, 2011.

Update, September 11, 2013

Won't be in 13.04, and neither in 13.10. However, an interesting proposal has popped up. The composer of the "Mass Effect" soundtrack offered to make a startup sound for Ubuntu on this mailing list.


Discussion on Reddit here.

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How can I tell if I'm using alsa or pulse-audio by default? (Switching to i3-wm)

I might not be understanding the core concept, in which case correct me if I'm wrong. Ubuntu comes with two different audio rendering servers, pulse and alsa. Alsa is an intermediary layer to pulse? I'm not 100% sure

Essentially I need to know which one I'm using.

The reason why I need to know? I'm attempting to switch from unity to i3-wm. While setting up i3 I found I had no audio and came upon this thread. It specifies various options for binding my laptop volume up and down keys to their functionality and after I tinkered with a few of the options I got very scratchy audio, which is why (I assume) I need to know which I'm actually using.

Thanks for any help in advance, it's much appreciated.

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How do I toggle sound with amixer?

Including Natty I was always able to toggle (mute/unmute) the 'Master' sound volume with the

amixer sset Master toggle

command that I linked to an edge binding in CompizConfig-Manager.

Now after installing Oneiric the command only mutes the sound but doesn't unmute it. I even tried it in the Terminal but it also doesn't work. It changes 'Mono: Playback 68 [78%] [-14.25dB] [off]' to '...[on]' but the sound stays muted so that I have to unmute it via the 'sound-indicator' in the panel.

How can I get this working again? What did change since Natty? Does anyone know the command the 'sound-indicator' uses to toggle the sound volume?

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Clementine won't play .wma, with "Your GStreamer installation is missing a plugin" error

Here's a screenshot: enter image description here

It displays messages like: "Clementine stopped." or displays songs that are not playing, and indicator icon is disappearing and reappearing. Does this happens only to me, or is it common bug in 14.04. I clean installed 14.04, and in 13.10 clementine worked fine. Any ideas? I installed ubuntu-restricted-extras.

Edit1: I restarted computer and theme changed: enter image description here enter image description here

Edit2: I just figured out that clementine won't play .wma files, and that's when errors start to emerge.

Edit3: VLC and the default ubuntu player play .wma without problems. Please help!

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Sound from both headphones and speakers

I guess this question already had the answer here but I can't find it. I'm using 12.04.


The problem is that I can hear the sound from my laptop's speakers even I plugged in my headphones. Headphones is just standard stereo headphones. And the most interesting thing is that all was working just a week ago.

I tried to play with pulseaudio and alsamixer settings - no results.

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How to automatically change volume level when un-/plugging headphones?

What I want is the following:

  • When I plug in my headphones, I want the sound to be un-muted and set to a specific volume level.
  • When I unplug my headphones, I want the sound to be muted (or set to a specific volume level).

Setting the volume levels isn't the problem, but I somehow need to do this when un-/plugging the headphones, so I'm looking for a way to get notified of those events.

I quickly found /proc/asound/card0/codec#0 to indicate whether headphones are plugged in or not, so I tried to monitor it using inotifywait and change the volume level based on modified notifications. Unfortunately inotifywait failed because proc isn't an ordinary filesystem.

Are there other ways to do this (maybe via PulseAudio)?

Audio device: Intel HDA, audio codec: Conexant CX20585.

To summarize what I've tried so far:

  • Ear Candy: didn't run at all on my system. Seems to be an abandoned project?
  • The code posted by Karl Bielefeldt might work on some hardware, it doesn't on mine.
  • The idea from StephenPaulger fails due to the lack of a 'Speaker' channel.
  • Motivated by aking1012 I made it work by hacking around in the kernel code (after finding the jack sensing code of the codec), but that's a rather cumbersome solution.

So, I'm still looking for an easy way to do this.

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Play sound through two or more outputs/devices

I think this is a pretty simple concept. I have one sound card and one pair of bluetooth headphones. I want to play my audio through both my sound card and my bluetooth headphones.

I believe Windows has checkboxes allows you to "check" outputs to enable/disable them, but Ubuntu seemingly has the equivalent of radio selectors (you can only select one at a time).

Bonus Question: On a similar note, I have 5 analog output channels on my sound card (in addition to my digital & HDMI audio) -- I would like to be able to determine what comes out of each of those ports (e.g. "front speakers" on all 5 or "front", "center", "back", etc).

Thanks in advance!

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How can I make the volume change in smaller increments?

When I press the volume up/down keys on my keyboard, the volume changes too much. How can I make the step size smaller so that I have finer control?

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How to hear my voice in speakers with a mic?

I have a USB microphone that I can chat on Skype, record sound etc. But how can I make it so that when my mic is on and I speak, Ι hear it in speakers live without having to record my voice first and then play it back? What apps do I need or where can I enable this option?

I'm running Ubuntu 10.10

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