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How do I email collaborators on a folder or Word document in the New Google Drive?

Google's newest version of Drive doesn't allow anymore to "email collaborators" except on files that are part of the Google Apps suite. Here's a use-case:

  • I have a Word document I share with my colleagues in a Google Drive folder
  • One of us updates the document, and wants to inform the others.
    • In the "old" version of Drive, there was a way to either right-click on the folder or document and "Email collaborators" (all people who share the document).
  • The latest version of Google Drive only allows this feature within the menus of an opened Google document.

Is there a way, perhaps using some script functionality in Google Drive, to achieve this convenient functionality that Google has removed?

I know I can generate a link to the shared Google Drive folder, and open up the sharing list to get all the names of the collaborators, and then type an email that is manually addressed to all the collaborators. However, it's much easier to attach the document in an email addressed to all (which is what my colleagues tend to revert to...), defeating the purpose of a shared drive.

Alternatively, using the Google Drive software on Windows, could it be possible within Windows (using a script)?

Related discussion in the Google groups: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/drive/xHCk8L06b44

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How can I see all of the links I've ever posted from the new Jan. 2011 Facebook profile?

There used to be a box on the lower left-hand side of my facebook profile where I could see the links I'd most recently posted, and then click to see all the links I had ever posted previously. That box seems nonexistant in the layout redesign that went into effect in January, 2011. With this new layout, where can I see all my links? I'm looking for something I shared some time ago, and can't find it!

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Password protected download for community [closed]

Our school has a document that they want to share with the parents of the school. We'd like to be able to send a link and password to the school's mailing list.

I know that this isn't the most secure way of doing things, but the key thing is that the document can't be on an unprotected link.

Can anybody recommend a site or utility that would allow us to do this?

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Can I have private files in public folders?

Google allows me to make the file private but I am not sure that making it private has effect.

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What should I use to connect with parents of my students? [closed]

I am a teacher with a blog and a website to communicate important information (schedules, concert dates, helpful websites, etc) with parents and students. I'd like to create another platform to connect with parents and share pictures, videos, and audio files of the students performing. I need it to be invitation-only or sign-in required so the parents feel comfortable with the files being on the internet. My website is a Google Sites, but I really hate formatting on Google Sites and Wikispaces. It's a nightmare and I can never make things look the way I want them to.

Any suggestions?

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How do you take ownership of your comments? [closed]

Answers so far (and what these services ought to deliver):

  • Disqus Profile (full ownership on Disqus enabled sites, claiming authorship on others)
  • Intense Debate] (for blog publishers: tightly integrated into the WordPress blogging platform)
  • BackType Connect Plugin (for blog publishers: copies comments (that link to one of your posts) to your blog, no matter where they are on the web)
  • Gravatar (self-promotion, better visibility)
  • Google Sidewiki (adds another layer)
  • become a blog publisher

In addition, here are some other services:

  • co.mment (conversation tracker)
  • coComment (conversation tracker - still alive and kicking?)
  • Google Reader: "Like" item action (appreciation feedback)

Convenient solutions for ordinary netizens preferred.

For your reading pleasure:

Comment ownership is a complex problem. The commenter writes the comment, but the blog owner hosts it. So of course, the blog owner has the right to decide what he agrees to host or not. But the person who wrote the comment might also want to claim some right to his writing once it’s published.
("Who Owns Your Comments?" by Stephanie Booth)

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Google Calendar (GApps) - can't set manage rights to outside-domain accounts

I would like to add some users to be able to manage my GApps calendar. When the user is in my domain, there's no problem but when he's outside I can just set options like See all event details and See only free/busy (hide details). I need to set Make changes to events but it won't let me. Why? PS: in domain management in Calendar settings I have set sharing options like:

Outside Mydomain.net - set user ability

By default, calendars are not shared outside mydomain.net. Select the highest level of sharing that you want to allow for your users.

  • Share all information, and outsiders can change calendars


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Is there a way to share a link to a public Google+ post?

I know I can re-share the post to my stream, but how do I point a non Google+ user to a publicly shared post?

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Where did the patient zero Google+ post come from that's been reshared?

How do you work out or find the original Google+ post and its permalink when its been shared by someone?

Say you follow Matt Cutts and one day he shares a post from Peter Norvig about Google Labs' Ngram Viewer.

When you read the post in Cutts' stream, it quotes Norvig thusly:

Peter Norvig originally shared this post:
| What we learned from 5 million books | Video on TED.com
| TED Talks Have you played with Google Labs' NGram Viewer? It's an addicting tool that lets you search for words and ideas in a database of 5 million books from across centuries. Erez Lieberman Aiden a...

That snapshot also includes how many people have +1'd the post, others who have reshared it and those who have left comments. But these are all attached to this version of the post. Especially the comments.

If you clicked on Norvig's name, you'll be taken to his stream, not the original permalink of the patient zero posting. If it's a person who updates a lot, finding it can be troublesome.

Trial and slogging error from the dump alone means your chances are better if the person sharing did so within a close timeframe to the original. You'll eventually find it if you trawl long enough.

But, is there a way to jump directly from the reshare to the original post?

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Sharing a Google Docs Folder shares the documents, but not the folder

I created a Google Docs folder with 2 nested subfolders and 10-12 documents, and shared the folder with someone who has a Google Account hooked up to a Yahoo email address. When my collaborator opens their Google Docs, they see all the files (flattened), but neither the folder nor the subfolders show up for them under "Folders Shared with Me." When I had my collaborator create a @gmail.com address and shared the folder with that Account, the folder showed up.

Is this:

  • A known/intended issue?
  • A bug that I should report to Google?
  • Something that I can work around?

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Facebook "share link" feature feature for Blogger, Google Buzz, or other Blogs?

Facebook has a nice share feature to share links.

When I share a link on Facebook, I paste a URL into the status box (The box which says "What's on your mind?"). Facebook will automatically populate my post with a some interesting text from the article and an image thumbnail from the article. I like this, because it saves me time and provides an interesting image to the viewers.

For example, if I paste http://flowingdata.com/2010/06/10/context-to-underwater-depths into the status box on Facebook, the application will know this is a URL, grab some text from the article, and create a thumbnail of the image. I can often choose between multiple thumbnails. If I then hit the 'Share' button, the text and thumbnail will be posted as an entry to my profile.

Is there a similar feature which I can use for my blog hosted on Blogger?

I've tried several different methods to replicate this feature. I'm trying to post to my blog on Blogger or on Google Buzz using Google's "BlogThis!" bookmarklet, and Google Toolbar 'Share' button. However, these tools just prepopulate the post with a simple hyperlink. There is no image thumbnail, no relevant text from the article, etc.

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Google image search URL that can be shared?

I performed a Google Image search, it shows results, but when I send the search URL to someone, they can not see any result:


Actually, the link does not even work in a new tab of the same browser.
Here is how I performed the search:

  1. Go to search.creativecommons.org
  2. Enter berlin
  3. Click on Google Images
  4. Once you have been redirected to Google Images, click on the Size filter, select Larger than… and then 4 MP (2272×1704).

Screenshot of Google Images, searching for berlin, with filters applied

How to share the resulting link successfully?

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How do I change a JSFiddle to no longer be public?

I created a new JSFiddle and made it public by entering a title upon saving it the first time.

If I try removing the title and then updating the script and setting the new version as the base, the original script which I made public still appears in my public profile with a -0 at the end. Is there any way to remove this script from the public listing?

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What Contact sharing options are there in Google Apps?

I setup Google Contacts in Google Apps for several people. I'm wondering if there is any way to share (at least some of) the contacts between everyone in this domain. Similar to how you can share your Calendar with people in the same domain.

I know about enabling Contact sharing, but it seems like that will only share the contact information of people in the same domain. I'm looking for an easy way to share the hundred or so non-domain contacts.

Now that it has ActiveSync/Exchange support, are there any workarounds available at least?

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How do I make a script public in JSFiddle?

If I have a private script, how can I make it public?

According to JSFiddle, the script must be the base version and have a title.

My current script has no title. I tried entering in a title and then updating the script. The problem is that it then no longer becomes the base version of the script. If I try changing it to become the base version, the title disappears.

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