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How do I post to Gwibber from python?

How do I post to Gwibber from python?

I have tried

import gwibber.utils
foo = gwibber.utils.GwibberPublic()
foo.post("This is a test message")

from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Quickly/Snippets.

But it doesn't work.

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How do I get images to appear on buttons in Glade Designer?

Not sure if this is a bug or just a very annoying feature, but I can't get an image to appear on any of my buttons in Glade Designer.

enter image description here enter image description here

Is there some property I need to change in order to force it to display the image?

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PyGTK Application Icon Blurred in Unity

I have 128x128 icon referenced in main window glade file like <property name="icon">../media/my-icon.svg</property>.

I tried, with both svg and png, but it is always very blurred in Ubuntu app switcher (Alt + Tab).

I noticed same when creating application from template using quickly, Ubuntu logo is very blurred as well.

Any idea why this might happen?

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"quickly design" and ubuntu 13.10?

I upgraded to Ubuntu 13.10 and then I installed quickly to develop some apps.

When I run "quickly run" or "quickly edit" everything is fine, but when run "quickly design" glade open and close directly. I tried uninstall and install quickly, but nothing and when try to open .ui file in my app directory, I can't to edit it because there is error in requirement. The version of glade I have 3.14.2

when create new file glade in glade it works fine.

Is there any way to let quickly use GTK2 instead GTK3? or fix force close?

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How do I translate a quickly project?

I am just getting started with using quickly and I have a small project that's starting to take shape.

Right now I would like to add a translation to my project. I already noticed that quickly automatically generates po/.pot but I can't quite figure out how/where to add the language-specific .po files.

I tried creating en.po / de.po / es.po manually inside the po/ sub-directory but - even after I run quickly share - quickly (using quickly run or the installed .deb) doesn't seem to recognize / use the translations.

Am I missing something really obvious/stupid? Any help would be highly appreciated!

Cheers, Marcel

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Getting Quickly to use Gvim instead of Gedit

How do I get Quickly to use Gvim (or just vim in a terminal) as its default text editor instead of Gedit?

If this can be done, I must be doing it wrong...

Ubuntu 10.10 AMD64.

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How to add vte terminal widget in GTK3?

I'm trying to add vte widget in my application and the examples I've found use .fork_command() to execute a command in that widget. But according to


it was deprecated and it's recommended to use fork_command_full(). Which needs eight mandatory arguments. Haven't they heard the "defaults" word? I've been able to construct lines that work somehow:

pty_flags = vte.PtyFlags(0)
terminal.fork_command_full(pty_flags, "/home/int", ("/bin/bash", ), "", 0, None, None)

Yes, I know about the enums, I just hope that I'm doing this completely wrong and there is a much easier way. Do you know any?

P.S. I'm using quickly with the default ubuntu-application template.

P.P.S. The import line is from gi.repository import Vte as vte

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How to turn a .py file into a .deb package using quickly?

We have made a .py file that controls brightness of the screen. It has a GUI with slider for controlling and runs when it is double clicked after marking it as executable.

But we want to make a .deb package with it for easily distributing. Is there any way to do it with Quickly? If not, then what are the other ways?

We also want to associate it with an icon.

The project we are trying to debianize is here.

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How to troubleshoot Quickly packaging failures

I have created a Quickly app and I'm trying to create a package for distributing it through the Software Center.

However, whenever I try one of the Quickly packaging commands (package, share, release or submitubuntu), it fails without telling me exactly why.

How can I troubleshoot the packaging failure so I can either investigate it or ask for help about it?

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How to use GDK with Quickly

I trying to use the library gdk for scale down an image and apply it to a GdkImage.

This is the code pixbuf = Gdk.pixbuf_new_from_file(fileName) pixbuf = pixbuf.scale_simple(100, 100, Gdk.INTERP_BILINEAR)

The problem is that python can't find Gdk even if I use everything in lowercase

Error: pixbuf = Gdk.pixbuf_new_from_file(fileName) NameError: global name 'Gdk' is not defined

I don't know what should I do because I tried to import Gdk but nothing is changed

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Can apps created using Quickly for Ubuntu be used in other linux distros?

I need to write a small program to update my mongodb. I'm currently on ubuntu but I need to use it on other linux distributions. I would just like to make sure that applications using this method:


Can be run on other distros?

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Can I use aptana with Quickly?

I want to develop python apps with aptana, I really love this editor.

Is possible to develop python apps with quickly + aptana or only quickly + gedit?

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Create a quickly app with build dependencies

I am creating a Quickly app in Ubuntu that depends on Python Twisted, which is available in the package python-twisted. How should I add python twisted as a dependency so that it will be installed when a user installs my application?

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How to create a sliding widget (GTK+, Quickly)

Recently I've seen this widget in Gedit:

enter image description here

It appears when you press Ctrl + F. What I am interested is in how to get the sliding effect. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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Will there be a Vala template for quickly?

Are there plans to develop a Vala template for Quickly? Would be interesting because I think, Vala will be the next gen programming language for Gnome.

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