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How Can I Add, and Use, a Color Scheme for Geany?

I have found that one of my favorite text editors for programming is Geany, however the default color scheme is very bright and hurts my eyes when programming for awhile. There are other color schemes available for Geany but no clear way for installing and using them. Anyone have an idea?

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Completely Remove Ruby + Rails + Gems?

I have messed up my ruby dev environment on Ubuntu 10.04.

I need to install Ruby this time using RVM. What is the best possible way to remove:

  • Ruby
  • All Gems
  • RubyGems

From my machine, so that I can start fresh with RVM?

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What programming languages should I learn to become an Ubuntu developer? [closed]

Although I have used NetBeans once for a project, what languages do I need to learn to become a full-fledged Ubuntu developer?

My project in NetBeans (Java only) was to design a calculator (relatively easy). Moreover, how do we learn to make image viewers, browsers, etc.?

Also, what would be the best language for certain applications?

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Installing gtk development environment

Not new to Ubuntu or programming but I am new to programming in C and gtk. Have been using Quickly for the odd program. I want to play around with C and gtk.

What gtk packages do I need to install to have a working development environment with C?

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Any PPAs for Google's Go Language?

Do you know of any URLs for PPAs of Google's Go Language?

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How do I develop .NET apps on Ubuntu?

at college we use Microsoft .NET for developing applications. I recently switched to Ubuntu and would like to know similar tools for making apps on/for ubuntu.

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Would Android apps be able to run in Ubuntu touch natively?

I'm wondering why Android apps won't be able to be run natively on Ubuntu Touch. I mean, isn't it all just Linux?

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How could I begin C++ programming on Ubuntu?

I recently switched to Ubuntu from Windows 7. I was previously learning C++ with Microsoft's IDE, Visual Studio.

  • How would I go about programming C++ on Ubuntu, preferably with an IDE?

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Multiple terminal windows

I develop code. I use terminal alot. I use many terminal windows alot. I hate how tabs look.

Any useful applications that allow for multiple terminal use, and streamline my development. allow me to keep multiple terminals in focus?

Please and thank you.

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How do I make Geany my default editor on Ubuntu?

I actually want to change the default text editor on my Ubuntu 12.04 from nano to Geany. When I used this code:

update-alternatives --config editor

.. I don't see Geany in the list.

So to add Geany, this is supposed to work right?

update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/geany geany /usr/bin/geany 10

Also, on a side note, can you tell me if you would personally suggest me to change the default editor from nano to Geany, and why?

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What advantages does Ubuntu have over Windows as an environment for programming?

Why is writing a program in text files or via the terminal a better option (as I read) than using IDE(s) like Visual Studio on Windows? Do the features an IDE provides exist there (eg. showing compilation errors) or is it a manual process?

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What is a command to compile and run C++ programs?

I am new to Linux. I am using Ubuntu 11.04 and do not know how to compile and execute C++ program in it. I need to know the commands to Compile and Execute a C++ program in Linux.

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C programing suites/IDEs [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate:
What IDEs are available for Ubuntu?

I know that asking for something like Visual Studio is too much but something that will let me write, debug and compile in a GUI instead of the command line is good enough for me. (Not that I'm lazy, but I don't have time to learn the necessary commands...)

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I am looking for a small (Ubuntu) open-source-project for which I can code

I have basic C and C++ programming skills as well as a little bit experience with gtkmm and Linux-programming in general (not to forget I have lots of spare time). I want to participate in an Ubuntu project which is small and not too complex in order to improve my programming sills and of course support Ubuntu.

Can you give me pointers in the right direction and do you know of a project where I could start?

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Is there a Visual Studio style tool/IDE?

I have been developing in the windows space with Visual Studio for a while now with work, but I have also been using Ubuntu for a while and am keen to get into some software development for linux.

I should also note. I am not looking for .NET and I am aware of mono. I am also familiar with c++ development and some python, so the language isn't so much relevant as the "all in one" aspect.

I was interested to know if there is a useful all in one code/debug/design(gui) IDE similar to something like Visual Studio but for linux?

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