Server-side Swift. The Perfect library, application server, connectors and example apps. Server-side Swift - Perfect | Perfect.org perfect will simplify your coding by using swift for all of your server-side and client-side apps.

Will I be able to use Realm on Linux, with Perfect?

Perfect - https://www.perfect.org - is a new web server which lets you use the same language on the server-side as you do on your the device. It will be compatible with the Linux version of Swift when it is released before the end of this year - presumably because it just uses Swift's standard library,

It has connectors for MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

Currently, I'm developing an app using the Realm database in Swift. Will I be able to use Realm on the server-side too? Does it just use the Swift standard library?

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Perfect.org in Swift, for server side any starter tutorials? [on hold]

Great initiative by Perfect. I do not find any tutorials to get started, there are good examples with high level information though. A mobile developer taking a dive into backend would require many basic fundamentals of backend protocols and architecture. Any tutorials on http://www.perfect.org/ to upgrade Mobile Devs with Backend environment?

Source: (StackOverflow)