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How to link to an answer at community.office365.com

community.office365.com is Microsoft's microsofty attempt at a QA site.

Among other astonishing problems, I can't find an easy way to link to an answer.
On StackExchange I would click on share, and that would give the link, for me to copy.
There, when I click on Share, the arrow starts flipping, but apart from this nothing special seems to happen (Firefox).

For instance, how to easily copy the direct URL to the first answer of this question? (Edward's answer)

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Receive/Send Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access email (non-Gmail mail) from a Gmail account?

I have a Gmail account which I would like to use to view my emails from a Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access account. How can this be done? (1)

Can the emails directed to the Gmail account be separated into a different folder from the Outlook account? (2)

Is it possible to send an email from the Gmail account then as if I sent it from the Outlook account? (3) And how can this be done? (4)

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How to quickly search for a specific MSKB article on microsoft.com?

Searching for a MSKB article on https://support.microsoft.com/search no longer seems to work. For example, searching for KB980869 or just 980869 both result in an "Oops!" page that links back to the aforementioned site.

Is the Microsoft Search just broken right now, or is it permanently broken?

Is there another way to search directly on microsoft.com for MSKB articles (not using another search engine)?

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Is Aerial View officially gone from maps in Microsoft's Bing?

I see Bird's Eye view is still available, but the Aerial View was much more valuable for spotting landmarks, evaluating real estate, neighborhoods, etc. Plus it was just a whole lot more interesting.

I spent some time searching, but found no comments from anyone about the missing fly-over aerial pictures. Anyone know if they are just going through a transition or are they gone for good?

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How to avoid declined Outlook invitations when syncing one-way?

I am using Google Calendar Sync with Sync Options of 1-way: Microsoft Outlook calendar to Google Calendar.

However, several of my invitations are not showing up. I learn that for at least one of these invitations that is not showing up, the inviter is getting spammed with decline emails repeatedly from Google Calendar, saying I declined the invitation and also saying:

Invitation from Google Calendar
You are receiving this email at the account xxx@MyEmployer.com because you are subscribed for invitation replies on calendar MyEmployer.
To stop receiving these notifications, please log in to https://www.google.com/calendar/ and change your notification settings for this calendar.

How can I stop Google calendar from spamming this person with my decline (which I did not do) and get the invitation to show up on my Google Calendar like I want it to so I can easily see the meeting I want to attend?

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Multiple Microsoft accounts in a browser

My company has a Microsoft account, and I see no way how I can access the company Onedrive/Outlook without logging out from my personal account (which has a long, impossible to remember password + OTP and it's a pain to login/logout all the time).

There's a way to have multiple logins? (Firefox extensions OK)

I read about aliases, but it looks like it's just for sending emails.

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How to rename a device in my Microsoft account?

I recently built a desktop PC with Windows 10 and signed in with my Microsoft account. However, since Windows 10 never asked me for the computer name during setup, it got associated with my MS account using a pre-generated name (eg. DESKTOP-HSJGKRI).

I have since renamed the PC, but the MS account devices page doesn't seem to have picked up the new name. I tried removing that PC from my account, then signing in again, but it still got associated with the old name.

How can I rename the device manually? Alternatively, how can I force the MS account page to show the new name?

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Why do Microsoft websites default to Polish on my work network?

I originally asked this on Super User, but it was ruled off-topic there and referred to here.

I'm in Belgium. When I open MSN, no matter what browser or what machine I use, it's opened using pl-PL localization. It doesn't matter whether I open it on my older laptop that's always been at the office, on my desktop that's been imported from the previous dev who worked in Kiev or on my personal Android phone, whether I use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Even my coworkers have this problem.

However, as far as I can tell, it's only Microsoft-related websites that do this. Netflix says I'm in Belgium. Google says I'm in Belgium. Whoismyisp says I'm in London. Whatismyip says I'm in Brussels. Whatismyipaddress says I'm in London. Being in London is understandable since that's where our ISP is located (Colt), but I don't understand why every Microsoft website gives me the Polish site by default, as well as all my coworkers. We think it might have something to do with a network setting, but we're not sure.

What might cause this?

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What are the IMAP folder called in a certain locale in Microsoft's Outlook 365 email account?

I want to find out what the special IMAP folder are called in a specific locale in order to set up my email client properly.

By special folders I mean:

  • Sent items
  • Drafts
  • Trash

Is there a documentation of Microsoft stating how they are called for a specific language? Are there default values? Or is this something that the admin has to setup?

I am mostly interested in what they are called in German, yet this question is not limited to this case.

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How do you unlink your MSDN profile from your Microsoft Live ID?

I have an MSDN profile, with points, achievements etc.

How can I unlink this from the currently linked Live ID (abc@outlook.com) and link to my other Live ID (xyz@outlook.com)?

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Transfer MSN Live ID

Microsoft offers a function to change the Live ID (the email that registers the Live ID) to another. I wonder if I changed the Live ID, will my friends' that added me to MSN will update their Friend's List (with my new email)?

Also, I linked my Live ID to XBOX Live. Will my XBOX Live Gold Membership be affected?

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Export Exchange emails to Google Apps accounts?

I'm migrating several Exchange email users to a Google Apps for Business account. Some of these users read all their email in the Exchange webmail interface. I'd like to transfer their mail over to Gmail so that no emails are lost.

What is the easiest way to do this? Should I just lead each user through the process of backing up their email to a desktop email client before making the switch?

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Outlook.com import emails with large attachments

Is there any way I can get around the 10MB limit? Using the "Add Send/Receive Account" import method seems to just ignore them, and "copy to folder" using an email client (Windows Live Mail) fails.

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I hit a bug when trying ro report a bug regarding visual studio to connect.microsoft.com

having created an account and signed in

I go there


and get this message

enter image description here

The only "submit a bug" button I can see is on the microsoft.net native page connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/MSNetNative And that just goes to an error page , a bug trying to submit the bug! enter image description here maybe there's a submit a bug option elsewhere that works

[by contrast] If I click on powershell in the directory then there's a button to submit a bug. If I click on visual studio I get a message saying "you have been invited to join a private NDA program for Visual Studio, you can view specific content by selecting from the dropdown titled "Programs" located at the top of this page." at that point I've no idea what to click next, but clicking programs doesn't seem to help much.

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Microsoft Equivalent of Google Apps for Business (Email)

I've redesigned a website for a client and am soon to set it live.

However, his business emails appear to be hosted with Hotmail and I need to create a couple of new email accounts.

He has told me that he originally used Microsoft Small Business to create the accounts, however it was then replaced by Office 365.

I've tried logging into Office 365 with his email login details and can't find anywhere to manage email accounts. I also can't find any guides on how to do so on their help pages or even on Google.

Could it be I'm looking in the wrong place?

I'm familiar with how to do this kind of thing on Google Apps, but I didn't even realise there was a Microsoft equivalent until now.

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