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How can I force my browser to search Google in English? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

I'm too bored of seeing sites like Google and such show up in my native language, I would rather like them to be in English. Yet, I have to explicitly change the URL to .com and en and that kind of parameters in order for them to show up in English. Can I somehow force this?

So, how is Google configured?

However, it is set to English on the site itself so it has to be my browser:

Then, how does my browser land up on non-english pages, like Google?

It usually shows up in non-English when I'm performing a search, which uses:


When performing a search, it fills these variables in with non-english values.

How can I tell my browser to fill these in with the English values?

My Google Chrome options give preference to English:

Source: (StackOverflow)

Problem removing US keyboard layout from input languages

I'm working on English (UK) version of Windows 7, my second input language is Russian. Since installation of Windows I have removed US keyboard layout and set LEFT ALT+SHIFT as input switcher.

Everything was fine until now. Recently I noticed that my switch combination does not always work. I opened language select bar and found there English (US) keyboard layout. I went to settings and found that in General Tab there is only two languages available, US was not listed. I decided to add US layout manually and remove it after. This operation went as expected, US layout disappeared from language bar. But after few hours it appeared again.

I started "googling" and found that I'm not alone. On Microsoft forum I found suggestion to remove US layout as I did before and than copy all settings to all profiles.

It's look like some service are adding US layout on it's own, but I have no idea which one.

Does any one know how to fix this issue?

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How do you make Google's interface always be in your chosen language?

Google's interface and search results don't always appear in my preferred language, English. I'm located in Mexico City and, although I generally have no problem with Spanish, I would prefer search results in English most of the time. (The exception is when I'm using search terms in Spanish.) I'd also prefer the interface to be in English, but that's far less important to me than search results.

Google looks at your IP to decide where you're coming from and thus what language to present results in. So, when I type www.google.com into the URL bar, it redirects me to www.google.com.mx.

Is there a way to force Google to use one language all the time?

Here are some things I've done and tried:

0) I have a Google account, and I've configured it such that it should know that English is my preferred language. I don't often explicitly log out of Google, so generally Google knows I'm me and my preferences when I access its services.

1) I've configured my browser to ask for pages in English. Very few sites support this feature at all; Google isn't one of them.

2) From www.google.com.mx, I can click on "Google.com in English". This works until, I think, I close the browser.

2a) From www.google.com.mx, I can go into account configuration, which is English. From then on, everything's in English.

3) I can append &hl=en (Human Language = English) to the end of the URLs of result pages.

2, 2a, and 3 all "work", but they're all mildly annoying. I'd rather avoid them if I could.

(At the risk of stating the obvious, English and Spanish are the languages I'm dealing with, but I imagine that, say, a francophone using Google from Korea would run into basically the same issue.)

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Set current language without saving file in Sublime Text

I have recently started using Sublime Text 2 after getting tired with Notepad++. Now, if I wanted to set what language I am currently programming in in Notepad++, I would go to the Language menu, and select whichever language I wanted. But in Sublime, the only way I have found out how to do that is to save the file in the file format of the language, and then all the colouring and other syntax helpers are loaded. So, is there any way I can change the language I am writing in without saving? If so, how?

This is mainly because I want to play around with test scripts which don't need saving.

Source: (StackOverflow)

Change spelling check language for a Document in Microsoft Word 2010

Usually I use Microsoft Word 2010 to write English documents

Now I'm editing a document of another language, and want to change the spelling check language of this document

This change should not affect other documents (means does not saved by default) so I can work with English documents in the future

Any clue? Thanks in advance.

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How to set the default language in Notepad++

I mostly use Notepad++ for dealing with XML files. It would be good if Notepad++ parsed and colorized my files based on the XML language when I open the files. Instead, I have to open the file, pick XML from the Languages menu.

Is there a way to tell Notepad++ that XML is the default language and to treat the files accordingly.

Source: (StackOverflow)

How to install a new "display language" onto Windows 8.1 Single Language?

Unfortunately, on my PC was pre installed Windows 8.1 Single Language (BR Portuguese) and I can't change the "display language" from BR-PT to US English because don't have any options; for that obvious reason, indeed. So, please: how can I install a new "display language" onto Windows 8.1 Single Language version?

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How can I change the spell check and auto-correction language of IE10/Windows8?

Is there any way I can change the spell-check and auto-correct Language of IE10/Windows8? It seems to want me to write Norwegian, but I usually write English...

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How do I change my Chrome language back to English?

Suddenly, my Chrome language has been changed to Tamil. I didn't make this change manually. I don't know how to change this setting to English.

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Is it possible to have several languages in Windows 8?

I had Windows 7 Ultimate before I upgraded to Windows 8 Pro and before, in Windows Update, there were updates that allowed me to install more language packs for Windows. After installing the updates I would have more languages for the interface.

Now I don't see any language updates, is it not possible to have various languages in Windows 8? Or maybe they are not ready yet?

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Change Windows 7/8/10 system language - welcome screen, login, etc

Changing an admininstrator user language is pretty straight-forward, but it does not change the language of the Boot screen, Welcome screen, Login screen, etc...

Pretty much anything that's not on the desktop remains in the original language of the installation so it can look really ugly (for example, having a menu label in Spanish, and the menu items in English, etc.)

How to change that?

I've Googled this for hours and could only find answers about how to change the user language, which is completely irrelevant for this issue.

Source: (StackOverflow)

How can I change the language of Windows 7 to English?

I have a German edition of Windows 7 and want to change its language to English.

Does anyone know how to do this?

P.s. I have a home version of windows (not professional or ultimate) :)

P.s.s. I can't manage to get any lb.cab file, can any1 also provide a link to that?

Source: (StackOverflow)

Have Chrome autodetect language before spelling checking?

Chrome can automatically spell check emails I am writing in Gmail. I have two language installed: Dutch and English in both UK and US versions. And I type emails in both languages regularly. However, that requires me to switch the setting all the time:

enter image description here

Can I have Chrome automatically detect which language I am typing my email in, and automatically pick the correct language for spell checking?

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How to make Firefox to spellcheck in multiple languages simultaneously?

I want to Firefox to assume that text may be in a mixture of languages and words should be looked up in multiple dictionaries. (For example, everything in en-GB, en-US, ru, be and be-classic should be consider as good, everything else should be underlined and corrections from all dictionaries should be offered). Is there an add-on for "multi-language spell-check"?

Alternatively, can I merge all dictionaries into one big combined dictionary?

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Complicated input language and display language setup in Windows 8


  • I live in Russia and use in everyday life 3 languages: Russian, English and Japanese.
  • If you use Japanese IME you don't need to have English input language by itself, Japanese IME has direct input mode that enables you to just type in English.
  • I prefer to have the Windows system language in English, because it's easier to use this way.

In Windows 7 you could have set the system language to English, and use only Japanese and Russian input methods. Most typing is performed in either one of the languages or in two of them, so switching between only two input languages isn't bad. Switching between 3 of them is annoying though. For example, when I type something in Russian, than switch to English to type something in English. If I then need to switch to Russian once more, I need to first switch through Japanese, so I have to do 2 switches.

When I did upgrade to Windows 8 I tried to do same setup and got all my Windows 8 style apps in Japanese because Windows 8 now links input languages to Windows 8 style app display languages. I can override System display language to English in Advanced options, but it gets only half of my system to English, other (Win8-style) half remains in Japanese (or another highest priority language).

This question is not a copy of that, you can't add Japanese IME or Russian keyboard layout to Enlglish display language.

Possible solutions

  1. Use hotkeys for switching to certain layouts. This can help with all issues, but I want to leave this as a last option.
  2. Somehow make new Win+Space language switcher more MacOS-ish (asked in different question). This will enable possibility to use a lot of input languages at the same time and most switches will happen between 2 used at the moment.
  3. Somehow separate Win8-style apps display languages from input language sequence. I wonder if there are some registry hacks.

There is very similar question in MS forums and I asked this question one more time to MS support directly. I will post answers here if they will be helpful.

Source: (StackOverflow)