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How does one share stuff on Google+ using buttons like the ones Facebook / Twitter have?

There are Facebook share button and Twitter share buttons, is there one such button for Google+? The +1 button doesn't seem to be a Google+ share button, it just seems to be a social search recommendation.

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How can I use Google as OpenID provider after Google +?

For Google+ users, the www.google.com/profiles/me URL redirects to the user's Google+ profile. How can I use Google as my OpenID provider now?

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How to find and remove duplicate Google+ photos

Is there an easy way to find and remove duplicate photos within a Google+ album?

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If I block someone from Gmail chat, will it block them on Google+?

Somebody I have added to my Google+ circles is now showing up as chattable in my Gmail chat sidebar. I don't want her to be able to see me as online whenever I've got a Gmail tab open - just when I'm using Google+.

But if I block her from regular Gmail chat, will it perform all the "block" functions on G+ as well (removing her from my circles, etc)? I want to continue our association on Google+ - I just don't want her to be able to chat with me on Gmail.

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Turn off Auto Backup notification

Is it somehow possible to turn off Google Plus notification about new photos/videos has been Automatically backed up? Maybe it is just consequence of the in-Google Platform event in the Google's web notification box. In that case is it possible to disable Google notifying me about that at all?

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How can I download all photos from Instant Upload (Auto Backup)?

I've been uploading via Instant Upload (a.k.a Auto Backup) from my Android phone now for about a year. There are many photos and now I want to download them all to my computer. However, I can't download them all because they are not in an album and I can't move all to an album since there is no way to "Mark All/Every photo".

So how could I solve this?

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Send to Google Plus from Reader [closed]

Is it currently possible to send to Google Plus from Google Reader?

Either a Chrome extension or a custom Send To link would work.

Update: This question is now obsolete. With the changes to Reader, Google+ sharing is now integrated.

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Disable the Google Plus red notification number on Gmail, Google search, etc

How can I disable the big red number showing on the Google account bar that comes from Google+ activity?

Whenever there are new notifications from Google+ the box turns red showing a number or count of how many messages/updates are waiting.

I want to disable this. I use mainly Google Chrome and Firefox if an extension or add-on is the way to block this.

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How do I leave Google+?

I joined up with Google+ and am finding it's not to my tastes and I don't find it useful.

How the heck do I leave Google Plus?

I cannot find an opt-out link for the life of me. It bothers me that I now have a social network bound to my "Google" identity.

Anyone know how I can leave Google+? Or where I can delete my G+ profile?

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Is Google+ available for Google Apps accounts?

Google Plus launched today but when I try to check it out, I get the error:

Google Profiles is not available for your organization.

I have Google Apps on my domain. Am I missing a setting in my administration panel where I enable this feature or is it simply not available to people with Google Apps yet?

My guess is the latter but I would just be surprised if Google launched with it disabled for Google Apps users.

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How do I connect Google+ with Twitter?

I want my Google+ account to be automatically updated when I post a tweet on Twitter.

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Is there a way to join Google Hangouts without a Google+ account?

One of my friends insists that I should use Google Hangouts because it's so much better than Skype. I would like to give it a try, but I wouldn't like to create a Google+ profile for that. Is there any way (some website or URL hack, Android application, some third party desktop software that hacks it's way into the system) to try it without creating a profile?

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Make old posts visible only for my circle on Google+

How can I make my old posts on Google+ visible only for those people I have added in my circle?

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What are all the formatting options for a Google+ post?

What is the markup language for creating posts (and responding to posts)?

I know of the following ones:

  • To make text bold, use stars around the text: *bold text*
  • To make text italics, use underscores: _italic text_

What else is there? Is there any way to insert bullet-lists? What about larger font sizes, etc?

Google+ is starting to become a blog of sorts, and having a fully featured markup language makes it very helpful for formulating useful and lengthy posts.

If no other native markups exist, is there any way to insert HTML? Ultimately, what are the various freedoms we have in making and replying to posts to markup the text?

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See the full list of posts, not external websites, +1ed in Google+

Where do I go to find a list or collection of all the posts in Google+ that I have ever marked with the +1 button?

The +1 tab on my G+ profile shows only web sites I +1'ed and not the posts that I plussed when reading my stream.

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