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Can Google Analytics analyze usage of my Google Play app page?

It is possible to configure a Google Analytics UA for a Google Code project.
Similarly, is it possible to configure a Google Analytics UA for a Google Play app?

Context: The current trend for app developers is to market/link/print their Google Play URL directly, rather than their own website's URL.
While this make it easier for users to install the app (one less click), this removes the webmaster's ability to analyze where visitors are coming from.

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How is one album different from another (with same title and by same artist) in Google Play Music shop?

I'm looking at the album "Dig Your Own Hole" by Chemical Brothers. In fact, I'm looking at two of them. Is there any significant difference between the two? Are they not duplicates? One is obviously cheaper than the other, but they both contain 11 tracks. I see that one is copyrighted by Astralwerks (1997) and the other by Virgin records (2003). So I take it one of them is a re-issue of the original album then?

a © Astralwerks: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/The_Chemical_Brothers_Dig_Your_Own_Hole?id=B4nqr5yopajig6ftrye7hhqczim

b © Virgin records: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/The_Chemical_Brothers_Dig_Your_Own_Hole?id=B36m3muf76m7bdgjo46sfjlbole

But it's not a physical thing! So what does a re-issue really mean, in the new world of digital downloads? Is the "newer" album re-mastered? It doesn't say so in the title. Are we expected to assume it's re-mastered? I know that streaming services (Spotify and Google Play Music All Access alike) often carry "limited" or "delux" or "remastered" albums (but they usually state so in the title).

Is the same source file or master record used for digitally transferring the audio tracks to Google's catalog in both of these cases? What am I really looking at when I encounter albums that appear to be identical? Why should I choose one over the other? The price aside; they can even be priced the same.

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Google Play store "continue" button keeps prompting for credit card

Posting this self-answered question because my friend seems to be the first to have discovered it.

I live in France and have a French credit card, but the first card on my account was a US card. The Play Store shows everything in dollars, but I want to pay in Euros. I already deleted the old credit card from my Google Wallet and I only have my French card now, and it still shows the wrong currency. Anyway, maybe I'm willing to pay the currency conversion fee.

The main problem is that after I add my card in Google Play for android, it shows me the same screen with the price of the song/app/movie with no "buy" button, and when I click "continue" I'm just selected to choose my card again.

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How do I legally download the songs from a Google Play Music playlist?

I have a Google Play Music 'Unlimited' subscription. How do I make the songs in my playlist available offline, as you can do on Spotify and the Mobile Apps? I am not talking about just the 'Free and Purchased' songs, but all the tracks. Also, it needs to be legal. I don't do piracy.

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How to add an app to wishlist though web Play Store?

Google Play Store lets you add apps to your wishlist, but I can only find the option on Android version (the Play Store app). I often come across apps while browsing on my computer and would like to add them to "wishlist" so I can install them later when I get on my phone.

So, how can I add an Android app to my wishlist from computer web browser (instead of Android Play Store app)?

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Where I can find my own Google+ Play reviews and ratings?

I know that Google Play reviews and ratings are now connected with my Google+ account and my name.

But where exactly I can find a list of my own reviews and ratings on Google Play apps?

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How to download a public domain Google Books ebook?

Recently, some scans by Google Books, while being in the public domain, are labeled as "Google eBook", for instance all the "digital objects" of a certain BNN series.

These books seem very hard to access: they are not returned by a Google Books search for books with preview available; clicking "ebook" brings me, after many hops including logging in, to an online reader without download option.

Finally, if I follow Google's instructions to Download & transfer books to eReaders, I have no download button at all next to the , while I see one for other books (which ask a captcha).

So, how do I download those books? Also, if Adobe Digital Editions is required (!), why is it and what can a GNU/Linux user do?

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Green arrow notifications Google Play Store developer console

I'm not quite sure when have these arrows
thse arrows
appeared as some sort of notifications but I'm also not sure what they mean.

What do they notify about?

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Seeing the count of books I've uploaded on Google Play Books

I uploaded hundreds of books to Google Play Books (part of my collection), and just saw that there is a limit of 1000 books. I don't think that I hit it yet, but I want to be sure.

How can I see how many books I've uploaded?

ps. Here is the link to the upload and library link: https://play.google.com/books/uploads

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Google Play Developer Console: Can't reply to user comments

Slashgear says that Now all developers in the Google Play Store will be able to respond to any and all comments or reviews.

But I can't figure out how. In the developer console, here is the UI I have to see reviews:

enter image description here

No hidden button appear on mouseover or anything.

  • Is the answer button hidden somewhere?
  • Do I have to change a setting to enable it?
  • Has the feature not been deployed yet?

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Google Play books missing table of contents for PDF uploads

I have uploaded several books (PDFs) using the Google Play Books Upload service. However, I found out that none of these show a "table of content" bookmark normally found in PDFs. (I see a valid TOC when I use another reader.)

Can someone please confirm if Google Play Books supports "table of contents" for uploaded PDFs?

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Why an empty search in the GooglePlay will lead to "unicorns"?

Why is an empty search request on Google Play transformed in a search for "unicorns"?

This is the only Google service that allow you to make an empty search... to give you unicorns. Why?

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View all one-star ratings for an app in the Google Play Store?

Just what the title says, how can I view all one-star ratings for an app in the Google Play Store? I cannot see how to do it.

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How do I view all ratings in Google Play Store?

Is there a way to show all ratings in Play?

You can see some ratings ordered descending:

enter image description here

but for hundreds of thousands of reviews it's not that feasible cause you can only read the 5-star ratings this way.

Is there another better way to view the ratings?

maybe this is possible with Greasemonkey?

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