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How can I highlight a region on Google Maps where I can go within 20 minutes walking?

Occasionally, I am looking for a hotel not too far from some location, such as a conference center. Not too far is then at first within walking distance, say up to 20 minutes walking. Can I highlight a region on Google Maps around that location, indication the (more or less circular) area from where I can walk to that location within 20 minutes?

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How can I add a hospital to Google Maps

A manager of a hospital in my city wanted to add his hospital to Google Maps with mark "H". How can we add it? I searched but just found "How to add a Local Business:. But I want also marked with "H".

like this:

example of how I want this to look.

How can I do this?

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What is the name of the icon for Google Maps street view?

What is the name of the icon for Google Maps street view?
It is orange and modeled on a man. (Today he wears an uniform with a ball for World Cup):

WA62533 question example

Is it called just a stickman?

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Saved google maps: access from iPhone?

Is there a way from the iphone to get to maps that I've saved in google maps at the regular site?

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How to prevent Google Maps from zooming in

It there a way to prevent Google Maps from zooming in when your search for a city?

enter image description here

Scenario: When I search for Ocala, FL, it's not because I want a map of Ocala, FL. It's because I want to know where Ocala, FL is.

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Force Google Maps to update "My location" when I move

I travel a lot and I use Google Maps to help me get around. The My location feature is very handy when you're lost and find a Wi-Fi hotspot but it has one problem.

My Location likes to cache the previously used location somehow. When you move to a new location it often still shows the previous location. If I click on the little My Location circle above the little Street View person, it does not update. Clicking on Reload does not update it. Forcing a cache refresh with CTRL + F5 does not update it. Google Maps help page on the feature offers no hint or clue.

The only thing I've found that works is to use a different browser. My OS is Window 7, my usual browser is the current version of Google Chrome, 14.0.835.202 m and my backup browser is the current version of Opera.

But this is an ugly workaround since I'm using a netbook I'm often low on memory or battery and starting a whole second browser users up more of both than just getting Google Maps to realize I've a moved a thousand kilometres should!

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Using Google Maps while offline

I like using Google Maps on my laptop to navigate, but not everywhere I have internet access. Is there a way to use Google Maps when offline? I'd want to have the entire map database for my (small) country on a local file in my computer, and then to be able to use it without having to go online. Is that possible?

(I know that if you load Google Maps and browse around the map, then go offline, you can still look and move around the maps in the parts that were already downloaded, so maybe it's possible to use something like this on a bigger scale.)

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How do I find the URL for a customized embedded Google map?

I'm trying to find the URL for a custom embedded map (not my map -- the one at http://flood.gistda.or.th) so that I can bookmark a link with the zoom and location levels that are useful to me, but I haven't been able to find a link on the map or any info yet on this through various searches.

Any help would be appreciated.


To clarify, I'm not looking for the original Google map, but a link to the map with all the custom layers of data added on. In this case, the original link shows a map with all the areas of Thailand that are currently under water, while the original Google map just shows the underlying map data (satellite or street data from Google). (see images below)

I'm looking for a way to see the map with the custom layer of data (within the Google Maps site, I expect is most likely) so that I can save a link to the zoom/location I want and still see the custom layer. The embedded map doesn't seem to offer this option, and the link to Google Maps gives me the option without the custom layer of data.

Map with custom layer:

Click for full sized version

Original Google map:

Click for full sized version

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Link to directions on Google Maps with one destination prefilled

I want a link on my site which visitors can use to get directions to my location. Is it possible to create a link to a Google Maps directions page, where one end of the directions (the destination) is pre-filled?

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How to find my saved locations in Google Maps?

I have lots of favorite locations (starred locations) in Google Maps. It's visible on the map as I scroll/drag to it. But isn't there a place where all the saved locations/coordinates are listed?

I remember the older version of Maps having it on the side bar. This is how the latest versions side bar looks:

enter image description here

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How do you show traffic and other layers in the new Google Maps?

On desktop, in the previous versions of Google Maps, you could see transit lines and traffic. I can't find these options in the new version of Google Maps. Where are they?

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How to show a marker with a description at specific coordinates via URL with the new (mid-2013) Google Maps

A link like this used to work up until the latest revamp of Google Maps (before July 2013):


What it did was to show a map with a pin placed at the provided lat/lng coordinates showing up with the given description text.

The plus of this "address format" was to place a pin "adjusted" exactly where you wanted it to be and still provide a meaningful description (like an address which would otherwise not be recognized and/or misplaced via a normal address-only search query).

Same goes for native mobile apps on iPhone/iPad and Android devices. It worked up until Google pushed the new native apps version out (before mid-July 2013), now it doesn't anymore.

Anyone knows if there is a workaround and/or a new or alternate format to obtain the same results with a single link?

Before anyone mentions JavaScript: I already know this can easily be accomplished via JS, but what I'm looking for here is a dead-simple basic link.

Also, I know just providing the coordinates with no description works, but I do need both the coordinates and the description (so basically something that behaves like it did before the update).


Further clarification: Static Maps API would not work. I'm looking for a link that brings up the Google Maps Web Application.


Just showing a marker at a given lat/lng is trivial (just ?q=lat,lng and you have it). What I want to accomplish is showing a marker ALONG WITH a description in the new google maps webapp.

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Is there a way to return to satellite view with latest Google Maps?

With the new Google Maps integrating Google Earth and 3D into the web browser I'm experiencing some performance problems on my PC when I feel the need to look something up while processing power is diverted to tasks like compiling. Is there a way to do away with the Earth view and return to 2D satellite view? It seemed like a few weeks ago this was possible but nowadays I end up with Earth view all the time.

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Search restaurants (POIs) along a route with google maps

This weekend I was on a 7h trip and looking for the next favorite restaurant along the route. All had was an android cell phone and a pretty slow internet connection. My first try was the hompage of that fast food company but that was not optimized for slow internet/cell phone So I gave a up after 10mins waiting.

My one and only test with google maps just showed the restaurants in the vicinity (off the route).

So if I plan a route with google maps or even navigate, is it possible to define a search for POIs along the current route (like for favourite fast food restaurants)?

Just realized that there's a workaround for a machine with sufficient screen size - just set the route on google maps and enter your favourite restaurants name in the search box. Maps will show all hits on the actual view, zooming in/zooming out will change the result list. So at home it's possible to quickly find POI's along the route (just because route and POIs are displayed on one map).

But this is not an option for a cell phone display - if I zoom out to look around 150 km ahead on the route, then the map and the results are far to small...

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How do I get a 3D building added to Google Earth / Maps?

I noticed that there wasn't a 3D model available for a particular location on Google Earth. I know how this building looks, so how would I contribute by making a model of it?

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