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How do you move a row in a Google Document table?

How do you move rows in a Google Document table? The obvious thing - selecting the entire row, cut, paste - does something very strange (inserts the row as a single cell with a nested table containing the cut row).

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How to create an em dash in Google Drive (Google Docs)?

In most word processing applications, entering 2 sequential dashes is enough to create an em dash. Not in Google Docs.

enter image description here

It'd be nice if those two hyphens joined together — wouldn't it?

(The em dash directly above was written using HTML: —)

So how to create an em dash in Google Docs?

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How do you left-align and right-align items on the same line in a Google Document?

I want to have something written in the top-left corner and top-right corners of my document. So I want some text aligned to the right, some to the left, at the same height. I could do it with spamming the space bar, but then if I change the font size or anything it will be broken again. Is there any way to do this more neatly?

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Insert today’s date into a Google Document?

Is there a way to insert today’s date into a Google Document? I've looked under insert > ...? but couldn't find anything.

Can this be done via an inbuilt function or a custom script?

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How to hide page number on first page?

I have setup a document with page numbers within the footnote. Now I want to hide the number for the first page as it is the document's cover sheet.

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Can I install custom fonts in Google Docs

I want to know if I can use my custom fonts in Google Docs or any other Google Drive products.

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Can I make columns in a Google document?

I am using Google Docs and have a document file. I would like to add columns within this, and was wondering if that is possible. I can't find how to do it internally.

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Can I get header numbering in Google Docs?

Is there a way to automatically number headings in Google Docs?

It used to be possible with CSS but this feature isn't supported anymore in the new Google Docs version.

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Putting page numbers in a table of contents in Google Docs

I want to create a table of contents in a Google Docs document where the page numbers are automatically referenced.

Is it possible to put page numbers in a table of contents like this?

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How to change the default style of text links in Google Docs

I want to format the default style for text links—currently the color is blue & are underlined.

Is this possible? And if yes, how can I do it?

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How can I link to revision history on Google Docs?

When I load revision history in Google Docs, it does not change the URL. Is it possible to link to a history entry in Google Docs?

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Change background color of single page in Google Document

I would like to know how to change the background color of single a page in a Google Document. I want to make the Cover Page attractive.

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Merging cells in Google Documents

Is it really not possible to merge cells with Google Docs Document?

I have a table like this:

| A | B | C |
| D |   E   |

Is this possible with Google Docs Document?

I also tried to do table nesting, but then I'm unable to remove padding so it looks terrible.

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Can I prevent Google from tracking which links I follow in downloaded PDFs?

I want to create a PDF document using Google Docs/Drive that includes links, but without Google tracking clicks on those links.

Downloading a Google Drive document (File > Download as) in any other format (docx, odt, rtf, txt, html) behaves as expected: if I insert a link to http://cnn.com, the link in the downloaded document is to http://cnn.com.

Downloading as PDF mangles the link to add Google tracking: http://cnn.com becomes http://www.google.com/url?q=http%3A%2F%2Fcnn.com&sa=D&sntz=1&usg=<tracking_token> which displays "Redirecting you to http://cnn.com" and then sends you along. I assume that Google does this to track users' behavior. It's not as if a direct link wouldn't work for some technical reason.

Google does the same thing for links in publicly visible (but not editable) documents on Google Drive like this one.1 While still distasteful, that seems less obnoxious because they're still hosting the document and their presence is obvious to any viewers. If I'm on page on a google.com domain, it's not (as) surprising that they track links from that page. If I'm looking at a PDF from my Aunt Louise2 with a link to a video on vimeo.com of funny cats,3 I don't expect clicking that link to involve Google in any way.4

Try downloading that document in some non-PDF format and note how the links are now direct instead of going through Google. Is it a coincidence that this is only done for the format that's the most difficult to edit after downloading?

So, having gotten all hot and bothered, did I just miss an option somewhere in Docs' preferences that turns off this non-feature?

Is there an easy way to disable this tracking?

Some subpar solutions I'm looking to improve on:

  • Downloading in some other format and converting that to PDF.
    → Rejected for destroying formatting.
  • Manually editing the PDF file to fix the links.
    → Rejected because... yuck. (Though automating this would be a fine solution.)
  • Accepting that Google knows literally everything that I do online and that this is such an esoteric thing that there's no sense worrying about it.
    → :-(

1. Not my document, just the first public one that I found.
2. Not her real name.
3. Aunt Louise has only partially accepted the modern world. She uses email, but only to send PDF copies of letters she's written.
4. Except that in actual practice the video will be on YouTube and Google will know what I'm looking at regardless.

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Spell checker for Google Docs for languages other than English

Recently I became a huge fan of Google Docs despite all the deficiencies. But there's one thing that really repels me from writing anything in language other than English, namely poor spell checker. It does not recognize about 10-20% of words in Polish and quite a few French words too, which is quite a big number I should say.

Have been looking for chrome extension that could do the job instead, but have found nothing at all.

Is there any way I could extend Google Docs (or get a Chrome Extension) dictionary with a few other dictionaries rather than adding not recognized words on a one by one basis?

It's been almost a year since pax's comment and I still hope this issue will be resolved soon.

To be very clear on what I am expecting to get take a look at the article from a Polish online newspaper, that is an article written by people who know the language really well by definition. It's about Hungary so yes, there are some words that might not have been recognized, but there are about 20 legitimate Polish words that have been marked as misspelled. If in doubt check online polish dictionary

Yes, I set the language to Polish.

As I mentioned in the comment, vim with polish dictionary can do a lot better; without the AI stuff that is sort of missing the whole point of a spell checker.

enter image description here

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