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Google 2-step verification: Should my phone know my password?

Just enabled 2-step verification for my Google account. I have installed Google Authenticator on my Android phone, and I set up an application specific password for the Google account associated on my phone.

This works great when just using installed apps like Gmail, Calendar and Google Reader.

But if I want to access Google Docs, Google Tasks or any other website that requires a Google login, I don't seem to be able to use a application specific password. I have to use my real password and then use Google Authenticator to make a code for the next step.

This means if my phone is stolen, revoking the password to my phone is pointless. The phone have already been verified, and all that is needed is my password, which the phones browser will have remembered.

I realize that I can take measures to ensure the phones browser doesn't remember my password, but that's just not convenient at all.

Am I missing something, or is there no elegant solution to this? Should I just let my phone know my real password?

As I see it, being able to login with application specific passwords on websites (which apparently isn't possible) is the only way I can revoke my phones access in a meaningful way.

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"Something seems a bit different about the way you're trying to sign in" to Gmail

I'm trying to log in to a very old Gmail account of mine.

When I enter the correct password, I'm taken to a page that says:

Something seems a bit different about the way you're trying to sign in. Complete the step below to let us know it's you and not someone pretending to be you. Learn more.

The page gives me the option to either enter my recovery email address or answer my security question.

Sadly, I know neither. For people like me, Google offers the option to "Verify your identity by answering multiple questions about your account."

I've tried that option several times, and despite answering those questions to the best of my knowledge, I'm told:

The information you've provided does not match the information on the account. You can try submitting another claim with more accurate information.

Is there any way for me to access my account? Google has a method for accessing the accounts of deceased family members. Is there something similar for situations like this? I'm more than willing to provide them with photo identification if necessary.

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Does Google's "Suspicious sign in prevented " mean that my password is compromised?

I received Google's "Suspicious sign in prevented" email, and verified that it is legitimate, and this is definitely not my login attempt. I immediately changed my Google password, however, the email is very light on details, and it is not clear whether my password was in fact compromised, or someone just tried to login with a wrong password (e.g. nothing to worry about).

My Google password is not guessable, not used anywhere else, not written anywhere, not known to anyone else, so if someone knows it this means I've got a keygen or some other malware on one of my computers.

So, does anybody know what Google's tried to use an application to sign in to your Google Account actually means? What kind of a credential (password, OAuth token, etc.) was compromised, if any?

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How do I change my primary Gmail email address on Google Accounts

How do I change my primary email address on Google accounts? (My current primary email is a Gmail address which seems to be the problem.)

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How to login to Youtube and Gmail separately?

I have an account called address1@gmail.com and I used this account to make a Youtube account years ago (before Google bought Youtube). It got banned for some stupid reason so I made another Youtube account with address2@gmail.com and all was good.

address1@gmail.com is my main e-mail account that I use for everything. However, when I go to Youtube, I am "Logged out" because address1@gmail.com is banned. When I click on "Sign In", my only option is to "Sign out and log in with another account".

A workaround I found was to log in address2@gmail.com and Add Account with address1@gmail.com which works except now address2@gmail.com is my default account. So whenever I search, go to gmail, maps, etc. it will all be logged as address2@gmail.com

Are there any other suggestions as to what I can do?

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How can I recover my Gmail account when I remember the password, not the username?

I have a Gmail account that I haven't used in ages so I've forgotten the login name I used to sign up with. I've forgotten the recovery e-mail address setup on the account but I can remember my password.

How can I find out the username?

Whenever I go to http://gmail.com I just get the "Create New Account" page. There's no option "I've already got an account, what's my username?".

Once I have that I can use the password recovery options.

I need to have a Gmail account for Google Talk but don't really want to create another account unless I really have to.

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Merge Google Accounts?

I have a Google Apps Account which has recently been changed to a full Google Account which has the email address me@mydomain.com . I also have a gmail account with me@gmail.com . The Gmail account has stuff stored in Google Calendar, and is linked to a YouTube account. The Google Apps account has Google Analytics in use, and Google Docs. Both accounts have Google Reader in use.

Is it possible to fully merge these two accounts? At the moment, the Gmail account just forwards all email to Google Apps account, but I would like to have the Calendar and YouTube accounts also under the one account.

If not, is there a way to migrate my calendar data to the Google Apps account?

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Re-Associate YouTube Account

My YouTube account, which I use actively (both for watching and posting videos), is currently associated with my old AOL address. When I sign in to YouTube, that's what I use in the "username" field.


I just got a new Google account, which I am trying to centralize everything around. It is associated with a single Gmail account.


I'm trying to re-associate my YouTube account to this new address. However, trying to change it via the "Email Options" tab of the "Account Settings" page redirects me here. After submitting MyFancyAddress@gmail.com, it tells me that "a Gmail address isn't allowed to be the primary address of this account."

Is there any way around this, other than making a whole new YouTube account? I don't want to throw away all my favorites and subscriptions, and I don't want to lose any subscribers.

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Remove account from Google Account chooser

I've looked at several forums like this one and this one but since Google changes their interface every couple days, they're all wrong.

Here's what my sign in page looks like today and I can't remove any of the accounts from the list:

First I go to gmail.com and get this:

enter image description here

Then I click Sign in with a different account and get this:

enter image description here

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Which Google services have I signed up for?

I have three Gmail accounts. All of them have been used to sign up for different Google services. Is there a page somewhere that tells me which services are associated with my accounts?

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Change age in Google Account

I've looked on the internet and it says you can change the age in your Google account if you have a credit card. I entered my DOB incorrectly—it says I'm a year younger than I am.

However, I can’t find any page to enter any card or verification details.

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Does Google log your search to your Google account?

When I go google.com and do a search while being logged in to my Gmail account (or Google account). does Google log that search to that specific account or will it only log that search to the browser?

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How do I change the sort order of items in Google's top navigation bar? [closed]

I guess this certainly qualifies as a "first world problem", but recently the link to Google Reader disappeared from the top navigation bar across all my Google Account services (Gmail, Calendar, etc). Now the Google Reader link is an extra click away because it's under the "More" drop down:

enter image description here

I have seen some similar questions about adding custom shortcuts to the top bar using various browser extensions for Firefox or Chrome, but I don't want to do that. I was hoping there is a configuration setting somewhere that I'm just not finding.

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Google Apps Account vs Google Account

Might be a strange question but...

I run a google apps account for my own domain for myself and family members for email, calendar and contacts. Email name@domain.com

I have found that when it comes to using other useful google services such as iGoogle, Google Reader, etc that it requires you to log in using your Google Account. A google apps account however is not a google account and then involves you signing up for a google account with your google apps email address.

This means that I now have an google account for name@domain.com which now has an empty calendar, contacts, etc. This becomes confusing when different google services keep you logged in next time you visit a page only to realise that when you go to calendar or contacts from the menu up top they are empty as you are signed in with your identical G-account email address rather than G-apps email address.

This may not seem like a big issue but I always run into problems when things say they support synching to google calendar yet don't end up working for google apps calendar even though to a user they are effectively the same thing. I'll enter my details and it will sync to my Google Account calendar rather than my Google Apps calendar.

Am I going about this the wrong way or is there no way to make your google apps account also your google account? It seems they are very separate yet should be integrated.

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How do I untrust a computer with Google two-factor authentication?

I use Google's two factor authentication to send my phone text messages with a string of 6 numbers every time I log into a computer that isn't mine. It has worked well so far until today.

Today, I took too long to enter the code, which would be fine normally... except I clicked through faster than I should have and realized shortly after that the "trust this computer" box was checked the second time through. I took a look through the options for my Google account and saw no obvious place to revoke the trust.

This is absolutely not a computer I want trusted for any extended amount of time.

How do I untrust a computer from Google's two-factor authentication?

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