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How to see a "hidden" follower on Tumblr?

I just wanted to know how to see all people who are following me on Tumblr.

The easiest way for you to understand what I mean is by an example so let's say on my dashboard, where it indicates the amount of followers I haveā€”it says "10." So I've technically got 10 followers, but when I click on "followers" I see & count only 9. How can I know who that tenth follower is?

Extra info:
This isn't on my main Tumblr but on an other blog of mine. I am following myself and I am shown on the list, but not the mysterious other. It even says, as a caption, and continuing the example of before, "10 people follow this blog" but only 9 are shown.

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Search only through tweets of people I'm following

Facebook has a feature that allows you to search through status messages that your friends have posted, but Twitter doesn't currently have that feature.

Is it possible via the official Twitter webapp or are there alternative web applications that would do this?

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Who is following me on Tumblr?

How do I know who is following me on Tumblr? In actual fact it is likely that no-one is following me, but I'm unable to figure out if I have zero followers or not as I can't seem to find any links to the list of my followers. Where does the list appear if I have any? Thanks

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Who is following me on Facebook

My information is showing that I have two followers but it only lists one. How can I find out who the other follower is?

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How to track down the recent unfollowers on Twitter

Sometimes when I log in to Twitter, I realize that some users have stopped following me (there seems to be a decrease in the number of the followers). Is there a way to track down who those users are?

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Decrease in Google+ followers

I'm not getting this. From last week, whenever I sign in my Google+ account I find a decreased number of followers. In fact, they didn't unfollow me. Is it really a bug or is it just me suffering with it?

How can I stop it?

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Twitter is making me follow random people

Twitter is making me follow random people. After two days of unfollowing them I get another dozens of people in my follow list. Did my account get hacked or something?

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How to hide Facebook followers list

I want to hide the names of my followers on Facebook. This image shows what I'm trying to achieve:

followers list hidden

How can I do that?

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Hide my Twitter followers

For privacy reasons, I don't want everyone to be able to see who follows me on Twitter.
How to do?

I am OK with removing all of my followers if it is the only solution, but I hope there are more diplomatic solutions.

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Bots/strange followers on twitter: any problems if I ignore them

From time to time I see strange twitter handles following me on Twitter. I generally ignore them. Don't follow them (for sure, don't even look them up mostly)

What can be the intention of these other than they expecting me to follow them or the links they post?

Is it safe to ignore them (and let them continue following me)?

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How to see historical follower statistics for Google Plus pages?

I'm a Google Plus page manager. I see how many followers my page has right this minute. But I can't see how many followers we had yesterday, or the week before. I'd like to know how many followers I had about a month ago.

Is there any way to do this natively with Google Plus?

What about with a service? (Hopefully, a free one.)

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Is there a way to track gross number of Twitter followers gained?

I'm searching for a tool that will track the gross number of Twitter followers gained. Most tools I find will track the net amount, for example, if I were to gain 9 followers in a day, but lose 15, it would only show me a loss of 6 followers.

I'm trying to see the data before the losses are factored in, so in the above example, I'd just want to see the 9 followers gained.

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Are the followers on a blog publicly visible?

I've got a blog and I've got a few followers who's blog's are related to stuff I'd...rather not be associated to.

I know that I can't remove followers and that I can moderate the comments (I have a very strict Akismet setup going already and have to approve all comments, just to be safe) but I still would like to know if someone could find/view the list of followers. Is this possible, and if so, is there anything I can do about it? The followers I'm talking about are obviously those who follow a blog for the attention, as they followed, and then haven't done thing since.

I'm not hosting the blog myself, so I have limited control over what I can do with my blog.

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On Twitter, how can I find people most followed by the people that I follow?

Twitter recommends who you might want to follow and indicates a couple of people-that-I-follow that follow them. But no mention of how many others.

If you click on the recommendation you can get their profile summary that indicates they are followed by A, B, C, and 100+ others of the people-that-I-follow.

If you ask for the full list (View All) of people recommended to follow then you get a list which indicates they are followed by A, B, C. But no mention of how many others.

It's the how-many-others statistic that interests me. I'm more likely to follow someone if more of the people-that-I-follow also follow them.

But there's no way I can see to list recommended people that I might want to follow in such a way that I can see which ones have more of the people-that-I-follow who also follow them.

Am I missing something?

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Twitter: Easy way to unfollow users not also following me?

On Twitter, is there an easy way to unfollow users not also following me – or at least get a list of such users I'm following where there isn't reciprocation?

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