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Can I merge a Facebook company page and an application?

I already have a page for my company that has more than 240 friends. On the other hand I recently started to develop a Facebook App (that has the same name) to use the Graph API from my company's website. The problem is that I don't want to lose my fans nor start again ads campaign, etc. Is there any way to merge those two or make an Facebook App from the company's page?

Any help would be appreciated.

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"Musical Instrument" category for Facebook page? Can't ask questions on Facebook Help Centre

The reason I'm asking this here is because I can't post questions in the Facebook help section—I don't know why.

I can't find the "Musical Instrument" category in my page settings. I looked at every single one. I know it exists. See for example https://www.facebook.com/GibsonGuitar

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When Facebook page qualify to have a web address?

I have created two Facebook pages, both never published so far, first on March, 9 and second today. While I had absolutely no problems with setting Facebook Web Address for the first page, it seems, that I can't do this for the second one:

  1. When I visit my page's About section and click on Enter a Facebook web address link, I see message saying Your page needs at least 25 fans to have a web address.

  2. When I visit (as instructed) facebook.com/username, when logged in as regular user (not as page), select my page in Page dropdown, enter desired name and click Check availability, I see confirmation, that my name is valid. But when I click Confirm, a message pops, saying that my page does not qualify to have a username.

I have read these questions and answers:

  1. Facebook says vanity URL for page is not available, but it is not used by another page

  2. Unable to set Facebook web address on new page

  3. Why can't I set username for a Facebook Page?

But, it brought no help to me. All of them seems to be claiming, that I need 25 likes to be able to set Facebook Web Address for my webpage. If that's true, then how did I managed to set it for my first page? Both pages are exactly the same -- created, filled with very limited, basic info and unpublished. The only difference between them, is that first (where I was able to change vanity URL) has profile photo uploaded and the second one hasn't. But, I strongly doubt, that this could be the reason.

Was there any change in Facebook's web address creation policy or is there anything, that I didn't done, while I was supposed to do? How it is possible, that I changed web URL for my first page, that was created three months ago, but I failed to do the same on a page created today?

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Remove an email address used to create a Facebook page

I created a Facebook Business page with my personal email address but want to remove that and use my business email for the account alone.

In hindsight, I should have used a business email address. I've gone through and changed the email address in the Admin Panel

The new work email logs right into the Business Facebook page. If I log out and try logging in with the personal email address, it also still goes to the page. I appear now to have two email addresses going to that Business page.

I'd like to permanently remove the personal one so I can create a personal Facebook profile.

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How to get page www.facebook... for my apps.facebook...?

I have my app up and running via:


Now I want to claim a page such as http://www.facebook.com/mycyberspaceapp

Can you tell me how? I want the page http://www.facebook.com/mycyberspaceapp to lead to

my http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=103297833078853

...where I can click "Go to App"


I still can't do it. It says:

This page needs more fans Before you can set your username for your page, your page needs more fans.

But my app has 32 likes; is that not enough?

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How do I change basic information, profile picture, etc. for a Facebook page?

I have a page in Facebook for a website I own. I am the admin for the page, but I am unable to change the page info, picture, etc. How do I enable those options? If I am unable to restore these options, is it possible to delete the page (has a custom vanity URL) and then create a new page with the same custom vanity URL?

This is what the Edit Page looks like:

Restricted Facebook page admin

As you can see, the following sections are missing from the edit page:

  • Your Settings
  • Basic Information
  • Profile Picture
  • Featured

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How to change the Facebook wall for access to anonymous user

In HuffingtonPost's Facebook Page account, the Wall tab shows all posts.

But in my user Account, the wall tab does not show all post or tweets for anonymous.

It only shows for a logged user (Facebook).

How to show the wall that contains the posts of all users, even if they are not logged in?

My privacy settings are set for Everyone.

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On Facebook, can I find out who else likes a page?

I can see that 103 people "like" a page but how can I find out who they are?

With the old "group" system this was so easy!

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How to add an address to an organization's Facebook Page?

I can't figure out how to add an address to my church's Facebook page. I read through a few different websites but no one seems to have the same problem. Can anyone help?

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Getting an account's login details if I am an administrator of a Facebook page

I work for a business and we have a few staff members registered as admins on the business' Facebook.

However, the person who originally started the Facebook no longer works with us and we need to get the login email/username and password for the page for a newsfeed ad on that we are doing with our mobile website.

We all usually just log in and switch our Facebook accounts over to use as Page, but the ad needs the login and the password which we don't know.

How do I go about getting this information? Who can I contact?

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URL of a deleted page is not available

I have a created a page that I had given the wrong URL to, Facebook said I could not change this URL, and so I created a new page with the correct one. I have since discovered that you can change the URL of a page (it requires a certain number of likes) so I deleted the new page and tried to change the old one to the correct URL.

This gives me an error saying the URL is not available, but going to it returns 'a page does not exist' error. Will this URL ever become free or have I locked the URL forever?

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Link my profile employer to company page on Facebook

The company I work in doesn't appear in the list that pops down when I type in the box "What's your employer?", but it does have a Facebook Page.

I want to "link" the page to my profile info, so when they click the company name on my profile ("Developer at __"), they arrive at the company page.

There are some tutorials around (e.g. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/link-employers-facebook-details-facebook-page/) that propose a workaround to this. However, the page code seems to have changed since this tutorial was written, and also it (apparently) requires a numeric page ID, and the page I want to link to has a vanity URL. There are also some methods to find the actual page ID by looking at image addresses and etc., but these also seem to have changed, since I can't really find the ID anywhere.

So, is there a way to do it?

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How to manage Facebook pages for multiple languages?

Say I have a Facebook page about dogs. I share information and links about dogs, so the pagename is "Dogs".

Say also, I share mainly information in Chinese, English and French.

Say, some people do not know all 3 languages, so are interested in information only in Chinese, other could be interested in information in English and French, but not in Chinese...

How can I manage the subscribers to the page? Should I create 3 Facebook pages "Dogs English", "Dogs Chinese", and "Dogs French" and switch sharing every article or information in respective page? How can I link that pages between each other?

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Can a user with added role of admin invite friends to that fan page?

I created a fan page, but I have 10 friends. My friend Mary (who also likes and follows my fan page) has 800 friends.

Being the fan page creator, I understand that I can promote my fan page by inviting my 10 friends to it.

My question is: if I make my friend Mary admin of my fan page, can she promote it and invite her friends?

Or is there any other way for Mary to invite her friends to my fan page?

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Changing the name of a Facebook Page

I created a Facebook Page for a web site and had the page match the name of the site.

Since then, the website has since changed its name and I need to update the Facebook Page to reflect this.

Is it possible to change the Facebook Page name?

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