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How to open Word document on a shared drive, in read-only mode, every time?

Is there a way in Office 2010 Pro, to always open the document as read-only when I open it?

At work we store documents on a shared drive. The problem is, quite often someone may need to edit it, but I have it open because I am viewing it. So they need to ask me to close it, just so they can edit it.

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Personal Document Management

How do you store, maintain, search and index documents, manuals and personal notes?

I, as a programmer regular collect api documentation, manuals, articles, code snippets and programming related documents (pdf, doc, ....). How to other programmers handle this situation?

I would like to setup a personal document management strategy on linux.

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Using OpenOffice.org, is there a way to print not only the content, but also the comments for a document?

I received a Word document with comments attached. The material added inline appears in a print preview, but none of the annotated comments do. Is there a way to print everything?

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Converting a word document to an image

Is there any way to convert a Word document to an image? I suppose you can print screen, but that is pretty painful.

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how to use codefolding feature of notepad++ for normal text documents

When i open an reg file in notepad++ file in notepad++ , I see the amazing functionality to minimize and maximize the subkeys of a base key by clicking on that little arrow on the left .can I get this functionality in normal documents ? i want to create different categories for ex: topic 1 , topic 2 etc which i can maximize and minimize . I hope someone can understand what I am saying ,english is not my primary language , so bare with me , I am attaching an image


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Is there a freeware program for editing the text stream of PDFs?

PDFs are a great archive format for scanned images, but Acrobat does not allow you to edit the text layer of the document (the part that can copy and paste from) leaving you with just the raw OCR. Are there any freeware alternatives that let you edit the text layer?

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Is it possible to access and edit Google documents directly from Libreoffice?

I'd like to work with a Google spreadsheet directly inside Libreoffice, without having to export and import it, in order to automatically reflect the changes on the online file.
Basically, I'm looking for a way to use Libreoffice as a kind of interface to Google online documents.

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Document file format for universal adoption? [closed]

I don't want to assume that someone has Word installed on their machine. What is the best file format so that everyone can read a document file?

The only ones I can think of are:

  • Rich Text Format
  • Open Document Format
  • Portable Document Format
  • Plaint Text

For example, what would be the best file format to write a resume in? I've actually written mine in XHTML, but some places simply demand a .doc file.

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Is there a Firefox plugin/extension for doc files?

There are plugins to view PDF files in-browser, without downloading. Is there an equivalent for doc/docx files? I'm on a Mac, although Windows is fine too.

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Converting .doc files to .pdf

Anybody aware of a piece of software which could do MS Office .doc to .pdf conversion for me?

I already tried OpenOffice but it appeared to be rather slow and resource-hungry for large documents.

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Which is an easy to use Document Management System given my requirements [closed]

Original question on SO.

I looked up a lot of threads on a good document management system on SO. So, given all that knowledge, here is my question: What is a very intuitive, open source (preferably with no commercial upgrade) document management system with a good a web interface. Some features that I am looking for :

  • Extremely easy to upload documents. Ideally I should have access to a shared folder and should just copy paste the file and it should version it and check changes. Something like what dropbox does.
  • Easy to use, search web interface. It would also be nice if I could modify search results to make it display richer information about the documents itself.

I have looked at some platforms like alfresco, Open KM, Jive etc but want a more workable solution. I know Apache solr can be configured to (re)crawl directories and the index can be configured to show richer info. I also just came across Apache JackRabbit that looks very similar. Please tell me if anybody has any experiences with such an implementation. Thanks in advance.

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How to save a position in a document for easy return? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate:
Is there a way to bookmark a wordpad or word file where you left off?
Is there a way to insert an internal anchor/bookmark into MS Word document and later reference it?

How to save the position in a document so that I can return to that exact position easily later?

For example when I ctrl-click on an internal link in a Word document, it takes me to the target of that link, losing my original position. Or when I search for something woth F3 from a certain position, it jumps to the next occurence of the term. Every time I find it rather painful to get back to the position in the document where I've started from. Of course this is no issue for small documents, but for hundreds of pages, scanning back to the desired page could take some time. Now I am aware of the fact that I can check/enter the actual page number in Word, but I am looking for a both a general solution for other documents and a solution that can be activated by simple keystrokes.

Is there a general method to handle such nuisances by e.g. saving a certain position in a document with a keystroke which I can use later to return that position? Maybe multiple positions saved with different keys? Is there a general method to handle .doc, .pdf, .txt, or any other file, perhaps even webpages displayed by a browser? If there is no general way to do this, perhaps only in Microsoft Word?

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Desktop app for wiki like markdown/markups?

Is there some kind of app i can use to write documentation for offline use then copy/paste the text later into wikipedia? If not is there some kind of wiki to pdf or doc to wiki converter?

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In Windows 7, how do I make the "start" menu Documents/Pictures/Music/Videos go to my Documents/Pictures/Music/Videos directory?

Right now, if I click on Documents, I go to Libraries > Documents. I want to go to [Logged In User] > My Documents.

Is there a way to configure this behavior?

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How can I add a full background to an A4-sized Word document?

I'm trying to add a background to an A4-sized Word document.

What is the correct background image size (in terms of resolution) to put into an A4 document? I tried Watermark, Fill effects, and tried to put the image into the header as well.

The image doesn't fit correctly – it will be centered and I need to scale it without causing a quality drop.

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