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Android API demos uninstall

Hi I am unable to uninstall the API Demos app which got installed when I was checking out the API Demo's examples in eclipse. Now I try to uninstall I get a message 'Failure' I tried from the device as well as the command prompt with same result.

Any help


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Open source editors using (Uni)SynEdit [except Dev-PHP/Dev-C++]

does anyone know some good open source editors / IDES that are using SynEdit? this is very powerful control, but it definitely lacks some advanced demos...

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Mootools 1.11 and 1.2.4 conflict, Ajax.Form

I'm trying to use Mootools Ajax.Form, and was able to make a successful test installation with this: http://demos111.mootools.net/Ajax.Form

ONLY if I downgraded my mootools script to 1.11. For the rest of the stuff on my site, I've been using 1.2.4.

I'm guessing there's a conflict issue going on...but wasn't sure how to fix this? I did some searching for the Ajax.Form to see if anyone else had this problem, but so far have been unsuccessful.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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MATLAB vision library shapes function

The Lane departure system in MATLAB 2011 demos for Computer Vision toolbox has the following function.

hShapeIns1 = vision.ShapeInserter( ...
                'Shape', 'Polygons', ...
                'Fill', true, ...
                'FillColor', 'Custom', ...
                'CustomFillColor', [1 0 0], ...
                'Antialiasing', false, ...
                'Opacity', 1);

The hShapIns1 object is used to draw a polygon within the Hough lines and captures the road area. If you see the matlab product help for vision.ShapeInserter function, the shapes that can be inserted are polygons, rectangles and lines.

My problem is that I want to insert a line parallel to the Hough lines, using the above code. But when I replace 'Polygons' with 'Lines' it doesn't work. How can I achieve this?

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Git for session demos

I often use git in session demos, in order to show step by step software development. Until now, I defined tags for developmental milestones and I used to checkout to go from one step to another. But this is not a good idea: I sometimes want to update certain steps and the transition from a tag to another one is not always intuitive.

I found some interesting ways to try to improve things. At https://coderwall.com/p/ok-iyg, next and prev aliases are defined to facilitate navigation between steps, but these aliases are defined on commits, that does not solve the problems of updates steps. At http://www.damirscorner.com/UsingGitInSessionDemos.aspx, the steps are based on branches, which I think is a better solution to allow updates. It is possible to redefine commands like next and prev in this context, possibly using a naming convention for branches (step1, step2 ... for example).

But in order to get fully functional controls, one could ideally add some operations, such as: the possibility of an amendment to a branch and the merge with one or more other branches (either previous or next ones), or the check just before leaving a step that the working directory is clean, with a proposal to either clean or commit.

Do you know an extension / workflow / use case in this spirit that could help me to reach faster the environment I want?

Thanks in advance!

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Android Support4Demos - API 4+ Support Demos full project

I want the full sample code for the Support4Demos. How can I download the full project? i only saw some files here http://developer.android.com/resources/samples/Support4Demos/index.html

But normally it should be in android-sdk/samples.

I have installed all samples for SDK API 7-13, revision 1 but still i can not find it in the samples folders.

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Is there a public site to make and share live examples of C#/.NET code?

For instance, we now have that in the StackExchange universe for SQL Azure (which handles general SQL examples very well).

I was thinking it would be very nice to have a similar environment to be able to have a few class files and a console program to be able to demonstrate core basic C#/.NET programming techniques - live.

Is there such an online live C#/.NET environment already that we could use to post on StackOverflow? (If not, I will post on Meta).

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Suggested framework for generic 3D demo software

My company has decided that we need a "generic" demo infrastructure for our technology demos, given that I can write this using JOGL or OpenGL and create my own framework, I'd hate to reinvent the wheel. But there are so many 3D gfx engines out there and so many OpenGL wrappers!

Basically, we want to use 3D graphics to render some terrain and put simple models on it. Their requirements are for it to look great and be cross-platform.

Basically, I am free to decide the scope and paradigm this would follow but I was thinking: - Be able to load 3D models and render them in full-screen or windowed mode. - Be able to control the camera(s) to "fly" through the resulting scene. - Be able to show/hide billboard messages on top of everything, i.e. 2D text and images that are fixed on the screen and always face the camera. - Be able to change simple things about parts of the scene, such as making object appear/disappear, change highlight color (like paint in red), and such. - I am optionally looking to write or use an existing scripting language to inject event handling and pre-programmed animations.

Sample use case: - Someone at our company prepares a 3D model of terrain with some buildings, essentially generating an XML-like file describing the scene and its objects. - He then proceeds to use my program to fly through the terrain and record a few camera positions "of interest". - Then, he binds some of those positions to keyboard keys and/or existing GUI buttons. - He adds some pieces of floating text. - He presents a demo using my program, loads his 3D model file and script file and can start "flying" with the audience from one of his selected camera poses to the next, the floating text fades in and out as he arrives and leaves the camera positions... some buildings on the terrain highlight in red when he clicks a button... etc.

  • I have some OpenGL and JOGL, as well as XNA Game Studio experience.
  • I'd rather use Java so it can be as platform-independent as possible.

What should I do?

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Red5 demos are not showing up in the list while installing

I have installed Red5 1.0.0 and have java 7 installed in my pc.while installaion Set the ip address to and port to 5080.The server is working fine and iam able to connect to it.but when i tried to install demos using installer in webapps it is not showing any demos.a blank screen list is showing up

Iam new to this server application

thanks in advance!!

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Examples of Web Sites Using AJAX or Push Technology on Their Home Page (or other useful pages) [closed]

I'm looking for a list of links to any examples of well-designed sites you might know that use AJAX and possibly HTTP Streaming to push data to the page or make updates to content of existing HTML elements.

Ideal examples would be sites that update somewhat frequently (every 10-90 seconds) rather than very frequently (every 1-5 seconds) nor just occasionally (beyond 90 seconds). Subject matter is not important as long as it's clean. I just want to demonstrate the concept using well-executed examples.

Samples might include: * Counters, such as live visitor or goal/progress trackers * Timers/Countdowns that might reset periodically * Data updates such as live headlines, posts, blog comments or others * Any other AJAX/COMET examples you have seen that are really well done

I do like Digg's Labs demos, but they are all Flash. I would like only non-flash examples though.


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