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Use Computer Modern font on Draft

I just started to use https://draftin.com/ it seems really cool, but I would love to customize it a little.

In the settings there is a text entry box where you can set the writing font for your documents. The page says a little below:

By default we use source-code-pro at 1.125em and a light grey color. But you can use whatever you want and your system supports.

There isn't much more guidance for which fonts are supported, other than a few hyperlinks in the description of some other popular fonts. (See the pic below.)

How do I know which fonts are supported by my system? How would I add to this set of fonts if the one I want to use is not currently supported? My ultimate goal is to be able to use LaTeX's Computer Modern font.

enter image description here

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Customize font or background image of a Flickr page

Can I customize elements on a Flickr page, like the background image or the font color, the same way I can customize a YouTube channel or a Twitter page?

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Using quick-search with startpage.com?

Opera offers shorthands to use with web searches. Recently I discovered startpage.com and would like to make use of it with the shorthands I am used to, replacing Google.

From looking at the queries I end up with in GET, I can see that this is somewhat a "basic" form of what I am looking for:


However, the Settings for startpage.com allow to refine the output a bit and I'd like to make use of that.

It spits out a URL suitable as your start page, but not necessarily for the quick-search field or the shorthands in Opera. The URL looks something like this:


How can I combine my own settings and the query=%s mentioned above into a URL suitable for quick-searches or parameters for a POST request?

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How to prevent MediaWiki from redirecting the main domain to the "Main Page"?

I see a lot of questions about how to change the title of a MediaWiki Main Page or how to redirect it to another page, but I can't seem to find anything on how to 1) prevent MediaWiki from redirecting the main domain to the "Main Page", and 2) display a stand-alone page under the main domain.

In other words, how to do exactly what Wikipedia does when you go to www.wikipedia.org

Instead of redirecting you to "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page", it displays a stand-alone custom page.

How can I do that with MediaWiki?

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How do I disable zoom effect when hovering mouse over thumbnails in Google Image Search?

I think this is something of a usability flaw, so I wonder if it's possible to disable the effect that scales thumbnails up when mousing over the results.

Either via a setting somewhere in my Google account, in my browser settings (Chrome), or via 3rd part browser (preferably Chrome) extensions.


Bonus point if there's a solution (presumably extension) that allows for optional thumbnail zooming via keyboard hotkey.

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Is there any way sort Trello cards by custom values?

I sort my bucket list by a ((how much it excites me)*(how much value it will bring me)*(probability of success)/(cost in hours)*(days until [self-imposed] deadline)).

Is there any way to assign such values to Trello cards and sort by their product?

I've looked at the API, but there doesn't seem to be any way to do this.

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Adding colors and styles to a Wikipedia username

I’ve noticed on numerous occasions that some users on Wikipedia have names that include colors and styles while most do not. There are a bunch of examples of various kinds on this page (I’ve compiled a smattering of examples in the image below).

How do they color and style their usernames? Do they include special markup or CSS in the actual name?

Mash-up of examples of Wikipedia signatures with colors, styles, boxes, etc.

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Customize OWA to Office365 Transition Page

We are implementing office 365 email accounts for our organization.

To start the users still go to our regular outlook webmail login screen (xyzmail.xyz.org)
They enter their credentials and click sign in:

enter image description here

The office 365 users are then redirected to this page (xyzmail.xyz.org/owa/auth.owa):

enter image description here

Is there anyway to customize this transitional page or skip it altogether?

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Source in Caption: how to change it

I'm having a little trouble customizing my Tumblr theme (I'm currently using 'The Minimalist Theme' by Pixel Union).

When I reblog a picture, I usually like to write some text below the image. In this theme I'm using, the source of the reblogged content appears below the text, like this:


I don't want to remove the credits, I just want to replace it, and put it under the image, before the text, like this.


But it seems that the "source element" is in the {Caption}.

My theme does not have a {block:RebloggedFrom} or something.

Do you have any thoughts?

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How can I remove the word "Said..." from blog comments?

How can I remove the word "Said..." that appears after the visitor name in blog post comments?

This is the markup I have:

<div id='Blog1_comments-block-wrapper'> 
<dl class='avatar-comment-indent' id='comments-block'> 
<dt class='comment-author blog-author' id='c3919237356098092138'> 
<a name='c3919237356098092138'></a> 
<div class="avatar-image-container vcard"><span dir="ltr"><a rel='nofollow' href="http://www.blogger.com/profile/16491601201868141572" rel="nofollow" onclick="" class="avatar-hovercard" id="av-0-16491601201868141572"><img src="http://img1.blogblog.com/img/blank.gif" width="35" height="35" alt="" class="delayLoad" style="display: none;" longdesc="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-1os8iMuN1wE/TklKwE48-gI/AAAAAAAAAEs/5sOQZ04rtSc/s45/buddy%25252Bicon.png" title="Kariem Zaki"> 

 <noscript><img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-1os8iMuN1wE/TklKwE48-gI/AAAAAAAAAEs/5sOQZ04rtSc/s45/buddy%25252Bicon.png" width="35" height="35" class="photo" alt=""></noscript></a></span></div> 
 <a rel='nofollow' href='http://www.blogger.com/profile/16491601201868141572' rel='nofollow'>Kariem Zaki</a> 
  <dd class='comment-body' id='Blog1_cmt-3919237356098092138'> 
  thank you for this great post
  <dd class='comment-footer'> 
  <span class='comment-timestamp'> 
  <a rel='nofollow' href='http://kzsubs.blogspot.com/2011/08/source-code.html?showComment=1316195035535#c3919237356098092138' title='comment permalink'> 
  September 16, 2011 7:43 PM
  <span class='item-control blog-admin pid-738993793'> 
  <a class='comment-delete' rel='nofollow' href='http://www.blogger.com/delete-comment.g?blogID=5161183995769593091&postID=3919237356098092138' title='Delete Comment'> 
  <img src='//www.blogger.com/img/icon_delete13.gif'/> 

Is this even possible?

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How to create a custom map by plotting only certain addresses or points in an online Web mapping service like Google Maps etc. for printing

For example, for any city, I want to create a A4 printable map, showing only specific addresses (like important areas of a city). Such a map will show which direction each area falls, optionally distance between them & how the city layout looks with those areas.

Another example is plotting top n attractions of a city.

Since in general what we get for a city map will be zoomed such that it’s difficult to locate the areas of interest in printable format as it will show lot of areas scribbled.

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How to customize the toolbar in Google Docs?

Is it still impossible to customize the toolbar with extra buttons? Specifically, I'd like to add the strikethrough one (especially with how horrendous the keystroke for it is), but a general solution would be better.

I know there used to be at least one script for this, but the one I've found is clearly outdated (Ive looked at the source code and there's no way it'd work with GDocs' current layout).

I also know that I can create scripts to add extra menus, but that is not what I'm looking for.

I am open to any solution that allows me to add a button to the toolbar, even if it's a lead on how to write a greasemonkey script for that.

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How to add a line break in a custom date format in Google Spreadsheets?

Google Spreadsheets give us a tool to create and use a customized data format for date values.

While the tool allows us to use arbitrary characters, like slashes and commas between the date fields (day, month, day of week...), I fail to see how to add a line break to my custom date format, what would allow me see dates like this:


Can this format be achieved with the existing tool? Is there a new-line character? Or will I have to use custom functions for that?

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How to hide "Joe Bloggs liked this."-type posts on Facebook

Nowadays many of the Facebook posts I see are of this form:

Somebody I. Know liked this.

A story about a little girl living in New York.
Including photo.
1234567 likes 23456789 comments 3456789123 shares

I rather not see these posts, because when a friend likes something, this isn't as strong enough as them sharing it. In fact, if they don't share it on purpose, I take it to mean that they don't intend to share it. I suppose they don't like it enough to share it. I'd rather see messages they actually type in, photos they take, and links they share. And nothing more.

Is it possible to selectively hide these posts?

I use Firefox, but could switch to Chrome if there is a Chrome-only solution.

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Is there a way to permanently hide the "Chat" and "Invite a Friend" sections on left side panel of GMail?

On the left hand column of GMail I see my mailbox. Below the list of all my mailboxes, I get a section for "Chat" which lists my recent contacts, and below that, a section for "Invite a Friend".

I'd like to eliminate these. I can press '-' button to collapse them, but they remain visible and I think they reappear uncollapsed the next time you return to GMail.

Is there a way to permanently delete these items, which I do not want to use, and do not want cluttering up my interface to GMail?

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