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How do I message Google Document collaborators?

When I'm collaborating with others on a single document I'd like to be able to send them messages as I would in a chat client but without switching between windows. I can't see a way to do this from inside a document, is it possible?

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How can a team share private video screen captures?

Part of our QA process is capturing UI bugs on video and embedding these videos in bug reports. Is there a service out there that lets a group share videos in a centralized location (not individual accounts) and privately (not accessible to the public). A private YouTube channel where contributers can upload videos would be exactly what we need - but, alas, no such thing from Google.

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Suggest Audio live streaming service [closed]

I've setup a meeting with my 4/5 local buddies and I want my remote friends, (who are physically not present here with me) want to listen to our discussion. In simple words, I want to broadcast our live talk online with some of my remote friends. Something like podcast or internet radio. But I don't want to setup podcast a/c on iTunes (it's a private conference & am not going to do it regularly).

I'm seeking something similar to what ustream.TV & livestream.com does for video, I want for audio. Do we have such service online or on iOS/android app store? I should be able to record our discussion via mobile phone or mic on PC.

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Facility for Commenting / Reviewing / Annotation text like Google Docs or Kindle Annotations

I am looking for a program (preferably a web app like Google Docs) that enables lightweight commenting / review / annotation of textual content by multiple users.

I want something rather like Google Documents or Amazon Kindle's annotations, but preferably geared towards plain text. The ability to just 'tag' a specific word, sentence or paragraph would be helpful.

This would be for written content, but may be helpful for code too. Perhaps a lightweight enough code review tool would work for both text and code.

If such a tool supported tracking changes ('diffs') that would be helpful too.

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Editing conflicts in browser-based SkyDrive vs. Word application?

When collaborating on documents, I typically use Google Docs as over the years editing conflicts have become very rare.

However, for working on collaborateive .docx files, I'm opting to use SkyDrive since formatting and layouts render more consistently.*

I have a feeling that it's best of all users that are simultaneously editing a file do so in their browser version of SkyDrive.

Or does using the PC version of Word 2010 provide ample conflict resolution and frequent-enough syncing?

* Not Google's fault, the XML markup of Office files can be extremely convoluted.

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How to integrate Beeminder with Authorea?

Over at Academia, it has been suggested to integrate Beeminder with Git services like Github or Bitbucket to gamify academic writing by positive and negative reenforcement. I’m trying out Authorea. Its FAQ has this to say about Git:

Authorea is based on Git and you can get full access (push/pull) to Authorea articles from external Git repositories, like Github. If you are an experienced Git user, this feature also allows you to work in collaboration with non-Git users sticking to your current writing workflow. You will find directions on how to set up Git access by visiting any of your articles (for which you are an admin) and clicking on Settings → Advanced Settings. Then look for the Git functions and link your paper to a Github repo.

Authorea Advanced Article Settings dialog

I’m not an experienced Git user, however. Is it possible to integrate Beeminder (or a similar service) with Authorea myself?

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Hold position relative to content in a rapidly changing Google Docs document with many editors

I'm trying to edit a big Google Doc with many editors all typing at once. When people above me type and add or remove text, the document reflows, and the part I am trying to edit moves from page to page in the document. However, my view doesn't follow it, so it is very difficult to read what I have typed, because it keeps moving out of view as the length of the text above it changes. I have to keep scrolling up and down chasing after it, and it moves too fast for me to really read it.

How do I get my view to follow the content I am currently looking at as the rest of the document changes? Is there some kind of auto-scrolling or content-following script?

If I just take the whole document into offline mode and make my edits, is it likely to sync cleanly when I reconnect?

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Collaborative editing and voting application [closed]

Background: I have a university group assignment which, to keep it simple, involves interviewing someone. To work on the questions to ask, I want everyone in the our group to:

  • add possible ideas
  • edit other peoples' contributions
  • vote on existing ones

So what I'm really after is something like a private Stack Exchange with a single Community Wiki question for <10 people.

Already tried Google Wave, Scribblar, Dabbleboard, Slatebox, Waveboard and Shareflow. But none of them (correct me if I'm wrong) have the basic ability to vote!

If what I'm asking is too much, I'd honestly be happy with a private portal that simply allows voting.

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How do I write or read Google-Sheets "comments" on mobile devices?

In a Google-Sheet called Field Schedules for Google web-apps at http://drive.google.com you can right click on a cell to open a context menu with the option to "Insert comment." Let's say for example I insert a comment: "hello world." into the cell "A1."

After I create comments, I attempt to open the same Google-Sheet, Field Schedules on my Boss's iPad, or on my LG-G2-Android device and I do not see any option to "Insert comment[s]." Nor can I find comments that already exist.

After exiting the Field Schedules from the Android & Apple devices I can confirm that the original comment exists by using my desktop computer to open Field Schedules and hovering my cursor over "A1" it will then display my comment "hello world."

TLDR: How do I write or read Google-Sheets "comments" on mobile devices?

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There's a specific website like jsFiddle, but i can't remember the name/url. Can you help? [closed]

A while ago i found a website much like jsFiddle, focused on collaborative editing. It has forking and it's full of HTML5 experiments. Unfortunately i can't remember the name; do you by any chance know which website it is?

EDIT It's not jsbin.

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What options are available for collaborative task management? [closed]

I'm trying to figure a way for our small team to collaborate on to-do lists on projects and otherwise. We have tried Basecamp and a bunch of similar 'project management'/'collaboration' apps, but they seem to overkill for simple todo list sharing and management. We like remember the milk, but it is good only for individual lists.

Any ideas on a free/cheap alternative that's simple and just powerful enough to keep a small team of designers/developers productive?

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Website for facilitating interactive discussion? [closed]

I had heard of websites that would allow two or more people to share a common text editor, so that changes to the text can be made and simultaneously viewed by all participants in real time - this kind of websites is ostensibly used for conducting interviews online.

I know they exist (I had read of them in a tech magazine), but I can't seem to find the right search term for google to throw me a correct link. So, I'm asking you guys, as you might have used it before, or know what I'm talking about.

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Web based Collaborative document commenting tool [closed]

I am trying to find a web based document commenting tool that will allow people to upload documents so that other can view and comment on them.

It would be great if it was open source so that it could be deployed on an internal server.

I remember seeing such a tool a few months back which impressed me, however I can't remember what it was called, all I remember was that their site claimed that the tool got used a lot for refining legal documents.

I found the almost perfect example of what I'm looking for, the Django Book. Hopefully this will narrow the field a little better.

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Why do some collaborators have edit privs while others do not?

I have created a small site using google-sites, and I listed a handful of people as collaborators. Some of them have gmail accounts, while some don't. I would understand it if only the users with gmail accounts were able to edit, but that is not the case. Some users can, and some can't. but some gmail users can, and some gmail users cannot.

Should I be focusing on the user, the browser they are using, or is there somewhere else I should look to troubleshoot this?

Does it sound like user error? I have asked them if they see the EDIT button at the top right, and they say no edit buttons of any kind appear.

EDIT: In researching this, it appears that sometimes it is related to the difference between google apps accounts and gmail accounts. Can anyone add anything to that possibility?

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Can I get a permalink for a comment in a Google Doc?

I will probably just go ahead and tag people in my comment (Request for somebody to comment on a section of a Google Docs document?) for now, but I was hoping there would be a better way to do this.

Does anyone know if there's a way to get a link that takes people directly to my comment on a large Google Document?

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