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Making Cognito form editable by submitter at later date

How do I make a Cognito form that allows the submitter to be able to edit the form at a later date?

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Connecting data or responses from forms on different pages of Cognito Form

I would like to have a set of questions on one page then send them to a new page where I will ask for their contact information.

However this results in two separate entries in the entries database. One for the questions form and one for the contact information.

Is there a way to connect the forms or at least identify which contact information goes with which set of answers in the entries database?

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Calculations from fields in another section in Cognito Forms

What is the proper syntax for calling fields outside the current section for the calculation fields?

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Upload and position image into Cognito Form

How do I place an uploaded logo into a Cognito form, in a desired location, with the alignment I would like?

I've created a form and uploaded a logo to include in the form but can't find how to place or align the logo in the form.

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Disable Stripe email receipt being triggered by CognitoForms payment form

How can I stop CognitoForms sending a Stripe email receipt to customers that successfully make a Stripe payment to me?

I've managed to get payments via Stripe working on my CognitoForms.com form, and am sending a PDF receipt to customers that successfully make a payment from WebMerge.me and this PDF receipt is also working now.

I have turned off Confirmation Emails on this CognitoForms form, and I have not selected the option to "Email customers for successful payments" in Stripe itself at https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/emails so Stripe shouldn't be sending an email receipt to the customer as it is currently doing.

  1. How can I stop Stripe sending an email receipt to customers that make a payment via this form?

  2. Wufoo provides a specific checkbox option to enable or disable email receipts from Stripe - do you offer this?

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How can I calculate the number of checkboxes selected inside a repeating section in Cognito Forms?

I'd like to give a discount based on the number of camp sessions signed up for in a repeating section but can't figure out the formula for doing that. Help?

In the repeating section called "Camper Information" I have a choice box called "sessions":


July 1-5 $225

July 7-12 $225

July 14-19 $225

July 21-26 $225

I'm trying to make a calculation that will do:

number of sessions > 1 but < 3 gives a 5% discount

number of sessions > 4 gives a 10% discount


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Pay for Cognito Forms annually instead of monthly

Is there any way to pay yearly instead of monthly? The web page that shows up for payment only offers a monthly option, but my company requires a 1 time yearly payment for subscriptions.

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Is there a way to 'close' a form for responses in Cognito?

There are times when our form links are not on our website but rather sent in an email. Is there a way to prevent access to a form after a certain date? Either automatically or manually? Can I 'close' the form?

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How do I charge early-bird rates on my Cognito form?

I use Cognito Forms to allow my customers to sign up and pay online for Yoga sessions. I run an early bird special rate available until a specific date and then sessions are full price from that date until the start date. Instead of making a note in my calendar to manually go in to change the pricing info, is there a way to set it so the price will automatically change?

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Age calculation in Cognito Forms

Which is the right formula to calculate the age in a form used for candidates selection?

In the example, they have to insert their DOB and in another space I would like to have the result of their age. I have tried different formulas, like the difference between DOB and today date, but without success.

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Populating Fields Cognito Forms

Can I populate a text field in a repeating section using the data entered in a different section of the form?

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Custom repeating section in Cognito Forms

I am working on creating a repeating section and I want to set "Number of Items" between 1 and then reference another number field for the top limit. So the top number would be variable to the number field. So far, using the advanced editor and reference the number field does not limit it.

Is this possible? And if yes, how can I do it?

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How to add CAPTCHA on a Cognito Form?

I want a CAPTCHA on my form to prevent spam. How can I get it since it is not in the tools?

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Cognito Forms: Question about data received with Cognito forms, access to database

I would like to know:

  1. what happens to data introduced in the forms created with Cognito: are they destroyed?
  2. Does Cognito keep the data in a database and for how long?
  3. If I want to receive the database, is it possible?
  4. What are the security against hackers and how is Cognito dealing with these threats?

If we want to use Cognito forms (paid option) for business, thus with risk of having access to personal and potentially sensible data, these questions are really critical.

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Create post-event forms in Cognito allowing users to see what they entered in pre-event

We want to launch a form for an event where each participant has to fill in some individual information (input field) before the event. This individual information needs to be displayed to each participant again after the event (to reflect about it). Additionally more questions will display after the event.

Is this possible?

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