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How to embed JSBin code inside a Medium post?

I am trying to embed my code (http://jsbin.com/vetuqi/2/embed?) inside a Medium post but only the standard JSbin Card shows up, not the actual code.

How can I embed it so the page shows the embedded code?

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What is the best way to paste code into a Trello card?

When I try to paste code in Trello, I get very weird formatting after saving, but it seems like it does format for code, I just can't get it to work right. What is the best way to paste code into Trello?

Currently I'm just putting links to Gist, but I would prefer to just paste it straight in there.

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Writing RTL (Arabic) with English in between in Wordpress, text becomes messed up

Whenever I try to write an English word in an Arabic paragraph in WordPress it becomes like this:

بواسطة متجر Microsoft الإكتروني الرقمي

Where it should be like this:

 الإلكتروني الرقمي Microsoft بواسطة متجر

The problem is in both the text editor and the theme (doing page Peview/live). The theme I have supports RTL. I installed both TinyMCE and WP RTL without success. I was told it may be fixed with CSS editor for the theme but I'm totally clueless when it comes to programming (if I may call it that).

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How do I forward my Gmail to my Facebook email address?

I have been trying to find a way to forward emails from my Gmail address to my Facebook email address. When I went to Gmail settings and tried to set up email forwarding from there, Gmail was unable to send a confirmation code to my Facebook address because Facebook rejected the email and returned a copy of the email with the confirmation link all X'd out.

How can I forward emails to my Facebook email address?

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How to highlight code AutoIt in Blogger?

I am using Google Blogger and would like to highlight the code. I tried a couple of ways, but not satisfied with the results. AutoIt Code it is not supported on JavaScript.

Can anyone share how they have done it?

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Twitter verification code

I wanted to sign up to a new Twitter account but didn't receive a text message from Twitter with the verification code. Already tried with 2 different mobile numbers. Both Indonesian phone numbers. Country code 62. I entered my mobile number without country code and without leading 0. As instructed by Twitter. Any suggestions what to do? Thanks.

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Adding code snippets on a Tumblr blog [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate:
How can I embed gist snippets using Tumblr markdown?

I was wondering if there is any easy way to add code snippets into a Tumblr. I've tried embedding a Gist script tag, but that didn't work.

Any ideas?

For reference, there was a similar question here but no good response: How can I embed gist snippets using Tumblr markdown?

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Is there a web app allow me to search through large repositories of code? [closed]

If I am looking for a particular C# language construct or how to use a keyword in JavaScript, I would like to search only in code, not in blog paragraphs about code.

I thought I could do this at code.google.com but there if I type in e.g.

"protected internal"

I get discussions about that keyword and have to look through the results to find actual code.

What are some web app search machines which allow me to search through large repositories of code only?

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What are some good Web Tools to help me format my code for blogs? [closed]

What are some good Web Tools to help me format my code for blogs?

I'd like to be able to copy & paste my code into textbox/textarea and have the web tool format it nicely for various popular blogging sites.

Features: Color, indentation, line numbers, etc.

Languages: C/C++/C#, VB.net, XML/HTML/Xaml, Ruby, etc.

Bloging sites: Blogger, Wordpress, etc

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How to highlight code in Blogger?

I am using Google Blogger and would like to highlight the code. I tried a couple of ways, but not satisfied with the results. Can anyone share how they have done it?

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How to search for Metro-UI Windows 8 apps' repositories in Sourceforge?

When I searched in GitHub/Bitbucket everything was okay because of the repositories' names (and probably because of different search engines), but on this site it just lists the apps' names and it gives tons of unneeded results

P.S: currently I'm trying something like "windows 8"

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How can I include & in Disqus comments?

I followed an example on a tutorial to create Spring mybatis example. I got an error following the instructions in the document. However, I have solved my issue on a tutorial I followed to create an application and I want to post how I solved it. It was using & instead of & text which solved the issue for me.

I want the ampersand to be included in the comment section as like, &amp;. But after posting the comments it displays, the & instead of &amp;. I've tried to include it inside the <code></code> block and also tried to wrap it around with the <pre><code></code></pre> block but it doesn't work.

So How can I post the code block comment to display the &amp; string?

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Gmail's confirmation verification never arrives

I've seen questions about this dating back to 2009 - but not a single answer. When I add a new email to my Gmail account, I can send and receive from/to that email through my Gmail account no problem.

But, I can't add it as a "sent from" until I get the verification code from Google.

The only thing is, no matter how many times I've sent and resent this confirmation email, it does not arrive.

Yes, I checked my spam, trash, and all filters.

No, it is not hosted by someone else. It is a forward.

Yes, I have other addresses from the same place that work just fine.

Yes, I can send emails to (and receive them from) this account, through my Gmail account, no problem.

The issue is with Gmail's verification.

Please, from the experiences I've seen here, I know Google will not answer. Does anyone have a way to glean the code that does not involve this non-existent email?

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Search Engine that Doesn't Ignore Punctuation? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate:
How to search the internet for terms with special characters

Is there a search engine that will not ignore punctuation marks (like $ % & ! @ #...)? I want to search the web for some documentation on some code but Google keeps ignoring the symbols. I am not looking for a code search engine. I don't want to find code. I want to find articles and blog posts about a particular string of code so searching Google's Code Search engine or Git are not helpful to me.

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In a Google Spreadsheet, show all combinations for a selection of columns

I have a sequence of letters, in a Google Spreadsheet:

  | A   B   C   D   E   F
1 | U   Y   0   4   X   N
2 | H   X           Y   
3 | W

The first row contains a character pattern that serves as a template. Each subsequent row contains variants of the values in some of the columns. The first row values are used for columns that don't contain variants.

There are between 1 and 2 variants per column that has variants, and these columns do not necessarily have the same number of variants. In the future, the problem could potentially have three or more variants per column.

How can I get all variations of the sequence? Such as:


I believe this is something to do with 'Cartesian Products', and I suppose the SQL would be roughly of the form:

SELECT table1.column1, table2.column2...
FROM  table1, table2...

... but I have no idea how that would translate into flexible spreadsheet function code.

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