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Static business on Google Maps

When I do a search for a company on Google Maps, it's showing me the correct address/location with the orange bubble pin. Some business are static (white text). How does Google show this static business? I confirmed my business but it's not shown as static text.

static vs searched business

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How to use Paypal to run a business?

What are some things that you should know about the PayPal service if you want to use it as a clearinghouse for financial transactions for your small business?

Specifically, I'm interested in things like:

  • Does PayPal offer any integration with ledger or accounts receivable software?
  • What is the general perception of consumers when paying via PayPal vs. Credi Cards?
  • What functionality does PayPal offer to someone running a home business?
  • Are there any legal or tax "gotchas" relating to using PayPal?

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How to create a Google+ business profile? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate:
Equivalent of a “fan page” in Google+?

I have seen that some sites like IGN, PCGamer, etc. have created, few hours ago, their Google+ profiles. I suppose then that Google removed the previous limitations.

Where can I create a business profile for my web community? I search around and didn't find how to do it.

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How to draw BPMN annotations and groups in draw.io

I am new to draw.io and am trying to use it to sketch a BPMN diagram. As of now, the only thing I can't find in the menus are Annotations and Group artefacts.

annotations and groups

Is there any way to draw these in draw.io?

Thanks in advance

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How to move users to a new mailchimp list as part of a campaign?

I am using mailchimp to manage invitations for the beta launch of a web site. I have a list for people that have requested an invitation and would like to move them to another list when sending a campaign that includes the invitation so we can track who has been sent an invite.

How can I configure mailchimp to move people from one list to another list? Or is there a better way to manage the list in order to avoid sending an invitation to the same person more than once?

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Add my business and current Google+ page to Google places

I have a Google place page I do not want to erase or migrate, it contains YouTube videos with insights, posts, photos etc.

When I try to add my business in Google Places, it automatically creates a new Google+ page which I do not want.

Is there a way to attach my current Google+ page to a specific address and verify it?

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Is there a web app that validates XML? [closed]

I have a plain old XML document and an XML schema document. Is there a simple web app that can validate whether the former conforms to the latter? I'd rather not go with a heavy solution if I don't have to.

(Would someone retag this, please? I hate to be a bad tagger, but I don't have the rep to create new tags and all the relevant tags I can think of would be new.)

Great suggestions so far, but now I'm looking at a schema with include tags. Is there a web app that can handle those, or am I now asking too much?

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Are there any good web apps for Twitter for Businesses? [closed]

I'm looking for the best Twitter-based web app that can be used by a fairly high-profile business.

I'd prefer to use a web app rather than a client app because it may need to be managed from various places.

It needs to be able to manage (tweet from) multiple Twitter accounts (company and individuals), keep track of a number of searches, and have an easy-to-use UI for non technophiles.

Any suggestions?

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Equivalent of a "fan page" in Google+?

Is it possible to create a Google+ page for my product/company, that people can plussify and add in their circles?

If yes, how to do?

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How do I organize my YouTube videos to separate my Business and Personal stuff? [closed]

I'm uploading some software screencasts to YouTube. I've also got some other business related videos. But I also have a lot of personal stuff (family, hobbies, etc.).

I've read on this StackExchange that you can only have one Channel and it seems that when you create a new Channel (with a new Google Account) that it uses your name for the account.

How do folks organize this so that you can "present" a business-like view to folks looking at your YouTube videos?

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Cannot Add Friends to Business Page

I created a page for my condo community and am trying to add friends but there is no option for this. I created it as a local business and edited it accordingly, have pressed ALL the possible tabs, but no luck. Plus, when I search for the page through another FBook profile, it cannot be found. Help!

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Is there a site which gives one-page "Cliff Notes" of current business books? [closed]

I have time to read about one current "business trends" book per month.

Is there a site that I can go where I can read a review summarizing the kernel ideas of the top ten "business trend" books for that month?

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Business won't show up on Google Maps

I'm having problems with showing a business on Google Maps.

I've created the Google+ and business page. I've updated all the info and the Google verification code so the business is verified (I've verified it 3 weeks ago).

The problem is when I search for my business on Google Maps, it displays nothing. It won't show the marker nor the information on the maps.

But when I go to SettingsProfileThis page is connected to Google Maps. View | Learn more and click View, it displays everything good.

Am I doing something wrong?

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What's a webapp for tracking my employees' site visits? [closed]

Suppose I have a few dozen employees that are fairly autonomous. They visit their assigned locations a few times a week and perform various work at those locations.

They log what they do on a form, send the form to me, and move on.

I'd like an app that I can enter those data into, and then give the end customer read-only access to some of the data.

The data might look like this:

Date    Employee  Site   Task
1/1/12  mharen    Acme   2 Blah
                         3 Foos
                         4 Whatevers 

1/1/12  mharen    Acme2  1 Foo

1/2/12  jdoe      Acme3  2 WhatsIts

And I'd like to give someone access to view these on the web. The above table might be like an index that's filterable and sortable. Users could then click on a record to get more detail. I guess this is just slightly more powerful than a spreadsheet.

I have spent hours trying to Google for this but I must not be coming up with the right keywords because I've got nothing :/

(This does not need to be free.)

To clarify the actors here:

Use case 1: me

Enter the services performed by my employees

Use case 2: my customer

View a spiffy report of the stuff I entered (online, at their leisure)

So yes, really just two users. Eventually I'd love to add more functionality and even open it up to my employees directly but none of that is in scope yet!

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Is it possible to claim an existing Youtube channel?

Someone has reserved a Youtube channel I would like to use myself, let's call it youtube.com/mybusiness.

The youtube.com/mybusiness channel doesn't seem to be used any longer and was never a highly regarded channel as its stats show:
- created in 2007
- 6 videos uploaded ever since
- 310 total views since then
- last video posted on June 2011 with 46 views

I have sent messages to the channel owner via the Youtube Send Message feature (one in June 2012, and one in January 2013) but never heard back from that person.

Can/Will Youtube transfer the channel to myself?

PS: I have applied for the mybusiness trademark in the US and own that name on all the major social networking sites (twitter, facebook, linkedin ...), could that help convincing Youtube?

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