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What programming languages should I learn to become an Ubuntu developer? [closed]

Although I have used NetBeans once for a project, what languages do I need to learn to become a full-fledged Ubuntu developer?

My project in NetBeans (Java only) was to design a calculator (relatively easy). Moreover, how do we learn to make image viewers, browsers, etc.?

Also, what would be the best language for certain applications?

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Is it possible to use Python with the Ubuntu SDK?

David Planella wrote in his answer to a question I posted that:

...the recommended way to develop apps for Ubuntu is the Ubuntu SDK.

So I installed it, but looks like the supported programming language is C++. Does it mean I will need to know C++ to develop a new application for Ubuntu? Is C++ the recommended programming language for Ubuntu application now?

What about Python, I started learning it hoping to develop applications for Ubuntu.

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How can I get a java apps to use the GTK+ theme?

Is there a way to get java apps to use my gtk theme?

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How to lock ubuntu device orientation in portrait or landscape from user input?

I am working on a reader app to be used on Ubuntu-Touch. When reading books from the app it would be a helpful feature to lock the orientation in either portrait or landscape. This would be useful when reading in bed sideways.

I've tried to use automaticOrientation = false or true, however, the SDK currently locks the orientation in portrait when set to false.

Is there a way to lock the orientation of the device screen in one or the other and have it stay locked?


Newer releases of Ubuntu for Phone have a global option to lock orientation, however, I would still like to do this at the app level.

I am still looking for a way to do this.

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How to start an app with "Always On Top" set?

There are a couple of applications that I find myself marking as "Always on Top" every time I use them, so I wonder if there is a way to automatically set them as so, whatever way I start them (menu, shell, gnome-do)?

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How do I get started creating an Ubuntu Desktop App?

I want to create an Ubuntu desktop app, specifically to replace Gwibber.

I can code in Java, Python and a few other technologies. Adobe Flex would have been an option until Adobe decided to suck some more and stopped support for AIR on Linux.

Note - I don't care about supporting other OS's. It will be a personal Ubuntu specific app. It can I open-source, I don't mind extra help.

It should integrate seamlessly with Ubuntu, notifications and all.

I guess Python it is, is that correct? How do I get started?

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Installing gtk development environment

Not new to Ubuntu or programming but I am new to programming in C and gtk. Have been using Quickly for the odd program. I want to play around with C and gtk.

What gtk packages do I need to install to have a working development environment with C?

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How to use Qt Creator with Python?

I want to use Qt for developing Ubuntu desktop, phone and tablet applications but I don't want to learn a new programming language (C++, JavaScript). Is it possible to write Qt application in Python utilizing Qt-Creator as IDE?

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How can I install Qt 5.x on 12.04 LTS?

If you want to develop with QML 2.0 and Qt5, the base packages don't seem to exist in repository for 12.04. What PPA should I add? Is it a binary installer? a compile the toolkit yourself?

Those aren't separate questions, they're just possible tracks to an answer.

I'm asking because if you want to develop for Ubuntu Phone, but still have a rock solid LTS development box, this seems the appropriate path.

How can I install Qt 5.x on 12.04 LTS?

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When to use gconf vs dconf?

Both gconf and dconf editors are available. Given the change to dconf should we still be using gconf at all? Do changes in gconf actually do anything when running 11.10?

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Is there any API Document Browser like Dash on Ubuntu?

I've seen my friend enjoy using Dash, in which you could look up all kinds of language document, Java, c#, Android, Javascript, JQuery, etc. That makes life much much more easier!! Does Anyone knows if there's alternative on Ubuntu? I search desperately but no

Dash: Code snippet manager and Cocoa documentation browser.

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What are Click packages?

I noticed that Ubuntu SDK recently had some updates and it installed a program named "Click". I would like to know what they are and how to use them.

Also, would they make Debian packaging easier?

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How can I publish my project code online so someone can help me with it?

My local project has some code that is not working, and I'd like to show it to someone to have a look at and possibly give me a hand with it. This isn't a short snippet or a single file; there are multiple files and directories involved.

How can I best publish my code?

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How do I develop .NET apps on Ubuntu?

at college we use Microsoft .NET for developing applications. I recently switched to Ubuntu and would like to know similar tools for making apps on/for ubuntu.

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Why no library files installed for google test?

The libgtest-dev package seems only install header files to the system, but not the static and dynamic libraries which should be installed under /usr/lib.

Is it a bug?

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