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Windows 7 menu color

I find the Windows 7 menu quite hard to differentiate. The default background color and highlighted background color are too similar:

alt text

Can I change this without changing the actual theme? Or do I need to choose a high-contrast theme?

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What music-playing software application would work well for a blind user? [closed]

I have a friend who is blind and enjoys listening to music. But he struggles with Windows Media Player; it's difficult for him to navigate to the song he wants, or control playback.

I'd like to find him a straightforward music player with good screen-reader support (he uses JAWS) that can be controlled easily using only the keyboard (ideally without having to memorize complicated keyboard shortcuts).

Any suggestions?

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How can one-handed work in Emacs be eased?

My right hand is temporarily immobilized and I would like to do some minor work in Emacs, mostly in Org-mode, but also in AUCTeX. Are there ways to ease one-handed work in Emacs, such as some mode or particular work flow? For instance I noticed that for undoing it is easier to press C-x u than C-_ and that it is easier to mark text with methods involving C-Space than with combinations of S- and movement commands.

I have found http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2391805/how-can-i-remain-productive-with-one-hand-completely-immobilized but that is not exactly what I am asking for. I want to ease whatever little time spent one-handed in Emacs (not in any program) and this is also interesting for situations where there is no injury involved, such as when one hand is occupied. I do realize that I should avoid unnecessary strain.

I am using GNU Emacs 23.3.1 in Ubuntu 11.04.

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Lock the mouse cursor to one screen in Linux / Ubuntu

This question has already been asked, but for Windows: http://superuser.com/questions/50726/is-it-possible-to-lock-the-mouse-to-one-screen

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 with 2 screens with different resolution. Getting the mouse cursor moving accidentally from one screen to another is really annoying.

Is it possible to temporarily lock the mouse to one screen, and possibly releasing it with a shortcut ?

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Reorder/rearrange tabs using keyboard shortcut

In Firefox, it's possible to rearrange tabs (reordering, moving to a new window, etc.) by drag-and-drop. But drag-and-drop is slow and unwieldy, and is difficult for some people to use.

In Chromium/Chrome, it's possible to reorder tabs using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-Shift-PgUp/Ctrl-Shift-PgDn (see also https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/moigagbiaanpboaflikhdhgdfiifdodd).

How can one reorder tabs using the keyboard in Firefox? What about moving tabs between windows?

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Configure Windows 7 to show all windows in black and white [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

I have difficulty viewing different types of colors.

Many would call it a color impairment, because when I see to many colors my brain gets overloaded. I would like the following for Windows 7 How can I use my macbook in grayscale?

Is there accessibility setting that can make all windows in Windows 7 black and white?

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One finger scrolling on a Macbook touchpad

After an accident that damaged my hands, I am no longer able to do the two finger scrolling gesture on Macbook touchpad. On Windows I set up so called "scrollzone", it allows me to scroll smoothly by dragging one finger along the right edge of the touchpad.

I would like to have this feature on OSX as well.

I tried many apps, namely

and none of them could do this. I even tried to contact the developers if they would be willing to work on this, but they either ignore me or say they cannot do it.

People advise me to buy a Magic Mouse, which supposedly can do it, or to scroll with arrow keys. No, thanks. I know there are workarounds available, but I know what works best for me (scrollzone) and I am unwilling to settle for less.

I would gladly sacrifice other trackpad gestures. I cannot use them anyway.

There was a program called SideTrack that could do this, but it does not work any more. I wrote to the author, but got little help.

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Which browsers support Window's Low Integrity level? [closed]

Normally i like running ie, but it's rendering speed at high-dpi is poor.

More recently i've switched to Chrome, but it does not support high-dpi displays. i'm interested in trying other browsers, but they must support protected mode.

Are there any other browsers, besides IE and Chrome, that support Mandatory Integrity Levels (i.e. protected mode)?

Browsers that i know about:

Browser            Protected Mode   High-dpi Aware
==============     ===============  ==============
Internet Explorer      Yes              Yes
Chrome                 Yes               No
Firefox                 No               No
Opera                   No               No
Safari                  No*              No*

(* not personally tested, reported by others)

Are there any others?

And just as an fyi, the clear, unambiguous, non-argumentative, non-subjective, question is:

Are there any browsers, aside from Internet Explorer, available for Windows, that run at the Windows Low Mandatory integrity level, and support high-dpi (i.e. non-96 dpi) displays?

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In windows 7, how do I disable "Ease of Access" pop ups on the logon screen as I am typing my password?

So the question is pretty much in the title. Things to note:

But my problem now is that when I'm typing my password, It'll stop all together on the 'u' or the 'p' character and I have to click on the ease of access button then move focus back to the password to continue. Yes, one obvious solution is to not use a password that has 'u' or 'p' in it (which I've done), but that's obviously not a completely satisfying answer.


I feel a tumbleweed badge...

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How to achieve inverted color in Windows 7 (like Compiz Negative)? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

How can I achieve Compiz Negative effect in Windows 7?

Screenshot showing what Compiz Negative effect is like

Alt+Shift+PrtSc (High Contrast) doesn't cut it. Compiz Negative inverts color on every part of the screen, which High Contrast doesn't do.

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Can you move items on the desktop with the keyboard only?

Is it possible to move icons (files) on the desktop of Windows XP without touching the mouse, using the keyboard only?

EDIT: I am specifically interested in an answer that does not involve simply emulating the mouse.

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how to take keyboard tab reverse?

when i use tab to navigate? if i press tab, tab , tab it goes forward but how to do reverse

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Software to read PDFs with inverted colors

I sometimes want to read a long PDF file in a computer, but because white background I can read only a few pages until my eyes weep.

Is there any software to invert colors of a PDF (PDF converter, PDF viewer with "invert colors" option, a program to invert all colors in Windows...)?

I tried "magnify" for Windows XP, but I don't like to split my screen to do that or to move the mouse a lot to see only a page. I would like to see the document in full screen...

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Command prompt for visually impaired

A friend and I are in a Computer Forensics class which is part of the MSc in Computer Science offered by the University of the West Indies' St. Augustine Campus. We're doing a mix of theory and practical work.

My friend is blind and some of our assignments involve using the command prompt. Listening to him talk to our lecturer, I wondered if there were any command prompt applications that can be used by the visually impaired?

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Win-Key + Arrow keyboard shortcuts no longer working

I spent the night tweaking my computer running windows 7. I got a little performance gains but unfortunately, the Win-key keyboard shortcuts no longer work.

How do you fix them? What service requires them?

I'm mainly interested in the ones that move and re-size working window to half the screen.

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